Dice Sandal and Foot Bone

Membrane bone

In front of the heel bone, this bone, six yüzlüdür. İçyan vüzü, because dışyan longer. This face-down and outward curve a little. Rough upper surface, towards the bottom of the front face of the dice in the name of the bone pürtüğü a bulge in the front, long fibular muscle shows a groove called the beam duct. The back of the heel bone on the front of the joint surface of the encounters. The front of the fourth and the fifth card makes bones and joints. Inside the middle of his face, and sometimes for the third conical boat for bone, joint, there are faces. Dışyan outer face of the foot is next to. Long fibular muscle beam passes through a groove on piyeste there.
Ossification; a single point of primitive, and this point is 2 to 6 th month, will appear.

Foot sandal bone

Içyanında in front of the talus bone, this bone dice, tapered at the back of the bones, two hundred, two sides and shows the two extremes.

The back is hollow, with the head of the talus joint does. The front of the bone to fit the three-cone is divided into three two-crested. The top and bottom edges of the rough. Dışyan round tip and less certain, strong contrast to the tip of içyan and sandals, and a muscle area of bone pürtüğü name sticks, shows a bulge.

Ossification; a primitive point of ossification of this bone is age 3-5.

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