Bones Taper Cone

Cone Bones

These bones form a triangular prismatic and three blocks. From the inside out I, II, III, as referred to in Article conical bone. Most elders are the first floor below, the top above. The second is the youngest, and the third the last two of these bases is above median, below the hills. These are the front and rear side sections, each side joint top to make bone and sandalwood. One of the first and the second between the articular surface of the vertical angle, the other is in the form of horizontal, vertical faces between the second and the third is long. The third tapered outer surface of the bone joints in the membrane makes with the bone.

Conical shape of the bones to make joint metatarslarla alike. Each and every one that suits him best makes the first of the joint cavity and an oval face metatarsla, the other two are the face of a triangular one. Apart from these, the second metatarsal base wedge as a woodcutter, put into one of the first and the third cone. Because the bone is less than the second taper. So, the first and third tapered surfaces facing more than the second joints of the bones seen in the faces which belong to the second metatarsa.

The rear end of the fourth metatarsal bone on the outside for the third cone has a small articular surface.

Ossification, one point for each third konikte ossification of the ossification of this first age, second konikte third age, the second in the first konikte occurs at an early age.

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