Comb Foot Bones

Comb Foot Bones

Also called the metatarsal, metatarsus bones, such as metakarplar five are from the inside out, I, II, III, IV, V, with a number called the pearl. There are two front and rear ends of them with an object.

First one is called the first metatarsal. This is the most bold and most kısalarıdır. One of the rear end of the internal and the other shows that the outer two outermost tubercle, and moving toward the second metatarsa. The lower side of the front end of the name of the head multiple times for the two sesamoid bone located in the joint faces. Behind the first metatarsal bone, first and second conical joint makes metatarsla.

The second metatarsal, is the tall, rear and front alignment exceeded.

Rear I, 2, 3 rd cone bones and 1, 3 rd joint makes metatarsla.

The third metatarsal bone, back and side with the third tapered joint makes with its neighbors.

The fourth metatarsal bone, back bone dice, hand and joint makes with its neighbors as well as with the third cone.
The fifth metatarsal bone, behind the outer membrane of joint and back together to do next, the fifth metatarsal protrusion in the so-called easy from the outside and at the same time pointing to the middle of the foot shows a strong ridge.
Ossification; Metakarplar, as such, each metatarsal to the tip of a primitive object, and rear to the front end and a secondary point of ossification point there. Only the first metatarsal is a primitive object and point to the front end, rear end also has a secondary point.

Bones of the toes

Fingers are the same, the difference is that more of them small and thin. Only a much more bulky phalanx of the hallux.

Sesamoid bones of the foot

These are faces of the base of the bones are always, always have two of them. There are two sesamoid bones on the bottom of the first metatarsal head. One of them, içyandaki weave is small, both ovoid format.

Some times a small joint between the phalanges of the hallux sesamoid bone found in two.
Apart from these, the joints between the second and the fifth toe in metatarsları sequences with one or two sesamoid bone can be seen to be rare.

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