Anesthesia Information Specialist

In our country, anesthesiologist, after graduating from medical school at least. have received specialized training in anesthesia and at the end of four years of education in our country by giving the name of the exam successfully ANESTHESIA AND RE ANIMATION entitled to a degree in medical doctors. Tendency of anesthesia and resuscitation courses and subjects are mainly located.

Anesthesiologist during anesthesia given the job of a person sometimes can be hard to reach so many. In such cases, it is specially trained technicians or trained assistants can help. Anesthesiologist always executes the task of brain, retain control of every situation. Assistant fulfill his instructions. Helpers also a lot of anesthesia equipment checks before use, ready to use bring. Defective drugs and those who are prevented by mistake kullanılmalarına sera, blood pressure tool, tubes, prepare probes for use. Especially at the beginning of anesthesia are at or near the end of anesthesiologist. When the end of anesthesia, recovery room with patients taking official transfers there. A good help for a successful anesthetic management is extremely important.

Implementation of a surgery team. This team is in the surgeon, surgical assistant, anesthesiologist, anesthesia technician or assistant, surgical nurse, operating room staff, recovery room, the officer does not seem like all the time, always in the back of the screen, competent, has a very large staff. Such as surgical assistant, anesthesia assistant, this team is one of the important elamanlanndan.

Anesthesia and Operations Professionals

Starting from the period following the decision of surgery anesthesiologist during surgery and after preoperative surgical patients treated outside of all the problems and deal with them. Today, there are important tasks of anesthesia outside the operating room professionals. They are in intensive care medicine, pain medicine practice and emergency medicine for the treatment of life-saving interventions and treatments take place. Therefore, anesthesia and intensive care specialist expertise branch name. In some countries, anesthesia and intensive care in medicine as a separate field of expertise is reserved. The statutes of expertise with the latest from our country, "intensive care expertise to the side branch under the name of some branches of the main specialty of anesthesia and intensive care specialist branch in the meantime will have an intensive care specialist.

Anesthesia specialist will be operated as surgery for patients starts from the moment the decision is given. These tasks are as follows:

Aneztezi expert preoperative preparation begins. Please note that the patient examination, laboratory tests of some of the necessary acts and other medical fields such as cardiology or respiratory illnesses like to express an opinion on the patient. During surgery, both patients and surgical reasons, reasons that may arise due to anesthesia problems, and identifying measures that will plan. This planning stage is extremely important. Encountered in the operation so that it prevented many undesirable event. A good plan, especially during or after surgery, I still heart, circulatory, respiratory problems may occur for such major organs and systems. (Outpatient anesthesia)

Anesthesiologist in the diagnosis and treatment of these issues bear. Finally, after surgery to stop the pain of surgery and the patient comfortable and pain-free to ensure a comfortable convalescence takes place among the anesthesia specialist tasks. (Dissociative anesthetic)

On the other hand had nothing to do with medicine, surgery today, but preserves the moments of distress in patients during the performance of bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and so on. interventions are widely implemented. These initiatives are either anesthesia or sedation during the procedure in patients with problems can be eliminated. Therefore, given examples of the above processes, and some anesthesiologists tomography and MR (Magnetic Resonance) still remain, such as diagnostic procedures requiring anesthesia or sedation to receive applications in the task.

Rean-inflammation during training they receive anesthesia specialists in intensive care with information about the branch of science within the boundaries of all branches of medicine to treat my patients in order to apply heavy. They are standing in the heart of the re-run the hearts of patients, patients with impaired respiration using or not using the correct solunumlarını artificial respiratory devices, patient care and treatment in a coma or a severe shock such as editing are vital interventions.

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