Those who under Allergy Risk

According to research about one of every six people who suffer from allergies. Some people are more prone to allergies. Inheritance also plays an important role in this. Producing excessive amounts of antibody known as IgE allergy is an inherited tendency can be found below. Unfortunately, this feature can pass from generation to generation just like hair or eye color.

Both the mother and the father is 60 per cent risk of allergy in people with such problems. This is nearly four times the normal risk. Alerjiliyse only one parent, the probability is around 30 percent. Allergies in children of parents without the risk of developing allergies is 10 percent. The available data is related to inherited ability to produce too much IgE, food allergy and asthma, hay fever which in turn increases the risk of developing allergies to a variety of shows.
Inheritance alone does not increase risk of allergy. Büyüdüyseniz smoking in a house, you have some allergies are more likely to progress. Socioeconomic status can be mentioned in the contribution. The risk of developing allergies in the inbox of some low-income families, higher income group, may be more. Mold, pollen, dust mites, pet hair-skin rashes, and increases the likelihood of becoming allergic to certain foods over time against them.

The first years of life are important. Low-weight (birth weight less than 2.5 kg) babies is higher than the risk of subsequent allergy. The same is true for breast-fed children. Months, infants increased the density of pollen has increased the probability of developing hay fever later life. Grown in the presence of pets, then allergic to dogs or cats are more likely to progress.

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