Basic Types of Allergy

Hay fever allergy is mentioned most people immediately come to mind. Hay fever is clearly ahead in terms of prevalence, it is normal. But the use of latex gloves in almost every thing to bee stings can cause allergic reactions. As a result, are in a world of allergies. Basic allergy groups, the following sections we'll discuss them one by one. Below you will find a brief summary of them.

Hay fever. The medical name for this term is also known as allergic rinittir colds and allergies. Inhaled widths are caused by allergies, sneezing, runny nose, itching eyes, nasal congestion leads to symptoms such as distressing.

There are two basic types of allergic rhinitis: seasonal and non-seasonal (perennial). Seasonal allergic rhinitis occurs in response at certain times of the year. For example, a lot of pollen in the air density increases, or mold is found, the ascent through the seasonal allergies.

It may take years of non-seasonal rhinitis. Allergens responsible for allergies because it never goes away. For example, the so-called dust mites are microscopic parasites would not be missing from your home 365 days a year. Of these secretions in some people leads to exactly the same reactions to the pollen or mold. Some cats, dogs as pets (and people) are always very sensitive to the environment saçtıkları hair-skin rashes. Some people are more unpleasant things, especially against mosquitoes and cockroaches saliva and secretions may show allergic reactions.

Free colds usually control the reception of good as well. Apparently caused by a problem in your home can eliminate or at least be treated like a thing can make. For example, you can shorten the amount of time spent in feeding animals, your rooms can reduce the amount of pollen or mold.

Asthma. This is especially common in children. The reason is not known exactly, the genetic structure is probably very closely related to allergies and in many cases. Mold causes hay fever, pollen and pets, such as skin rashes, hair-trigger attack of asthma in many things. This situation develops, şişip narrow passages in the lungs. These dollars also on mucus. Therefore, breathing extremely difficult.
Fortunately, the allergen to avoid, and knows the correct medication use, asthma can control. Asthma is a serious disease, but it does not mean you are maintaining active life should be to stop.

Food allergies. There is a good worst to react in a bad dinner. Food allergies, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, hives, wheezy breathing and even cause symptoms such as asthma attacks can be ciddiyette. But in fact the true food allergies are extremely rare. Most of the reactions that create distress ingesting contaminated foods or nutrients in the body sindiremeyeceği (food intolerance) is due. "Food poisoning" and as a result of food intolerance in gelişse frightening symptoms, histamine salınmasıyla them, so nothing to do with allergies.

Some people with food allergies, certain forms. Most food allergies to peanut, wheat, soy products, egg whites and cow's milk is due. These allergies usually by doing laboratory tests, or "screening method, nutrition program," applying, to determine whether the improvement in diagnosis is made ​​by excluding certain foods.

Drug allergies

The most common drug allergy to penicillin developed, but according to the person of each drug can cause allergic reactions. The main anticonvulsant drugs (referred to medications), insulin, and local anesteziklerdir. Foods, as well as in responses to medication and often associated with allergies are not real. For example, millions of people show intolerance to aspirin. These individuals may develop symptoms similar to allergies such as hives cast and wheezy breathing, but an allergic reaction does not occur.

Most drug allergies light. The most common allergic skin rash reaction to medications commonly used and can be treated. Sometimes the situation out and developing responses to audit leads to very serious levels. For this reason, must be vigilant against drug allergies, your doctor must also inform.

Insect bites and stings

Most of us kaşındırır mosquito bites, bee stings or hurts you feel. But one or two people in every hundred people very serious consequences such events. At the beginning of severe allergic reactions that are fatal anaphylaxis. Insect allergy sufferers should carry with them an emergency first-aid medicine. When the loss of an adrenaline injection, anaphylaxis may prevent development of allergic reaction.

Contact dermatitis

Skin allergies, also known as contact dermatitis develops as a result of contact with some substances. For example, plants, hyacinths, tulips, especially the onion, okra, wood shells lichens (algae and fungi living in common), garlic, can also cause allergic reactions in ısırganotunun burning feathers.

Skin allergies caused by plants alone. Jewelry, belt tokalarında commonly used metals such as nickel sensitization. Just like latex gloves are used. Makeup, hair coloring and even skin rashes in some people may even deodorants. Skin rashes due to allergy reactions usually late, for the emergence of contact with the allergen must pass over the next 24-48 hours.

Atopic dermatitis

Eczema is also known as. This skin problem is not a true allergic reaction. But 70 percent of atopic dermatitlilerden family, has a history of respiratory or food allergy. Approximately one third of children with eczema, hay fever and other respiratory allergies develop.

The most common allergies that we still remember that. Please note that allergies can lead to someone in almost every article. But respiratory allergies such as hay fever prevalence has an incomparable. Therefore, a detailed review of respiratory allergies deserve. Known story. A beautiful April day. Cıvıldıyor birds. Weather sweet. Plants flower stopped. Instead of waiting for you in the excitement of spring hay nezlesiyle eyes watered.

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