Allergy Symptoms Appear?

Allergy Symptoms Appear?

Allergic response of mast cells or basophils plays a starring. These foreign substances in the body in war-chemical giant repositories used. The process to withdraw from their charge, to empty the trigger works as follows:

1. Such as plantain pollen allergen enters the body for the first time, elements of the immune system encounters a B cell.

2. B cells, allergen (where plantain pollen) was prepared in accordance with the manufactures large quantities of antibodies.

3. Antibodies are connected to mast cells or basophils.

4. Allergen enters the body a second time to capture the antibodies. Triggered by contact between mast cells or basophils, histamine, most importantly, frees up the burden of the chemical substance.

5. Mast cells or basophils pierces the spread of this mad-sneezing, itching leads to symptoms such as allergies.

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