Allergens and the Immune System

Well, so far anlattıklarımızın alerjiyle have to do? Said that, the immune system is sometimes derail. Considers a harmless substance in the body, the hair-skin rashes, for example pets, mold or pollen (pollen) will be treated as a dangerous foreign substance. Usually, this kind of hazardous substances are called allergens. Animal or plant proteins are often allergens.

The immune system detects an allergen, specialized antibodies allows to connect to these uninvited guests. Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to a substance called clings to the surface of the larger cells. Thus, three separate interlocking structure is: allergen, IgE-type antibody and the larger cells (mast cells and basophils). Mast cell or basophil, the outer surface of the IgE-specific receptors can carry tens of thousands.

Quite noisy work after that. Yapıştığında enough of the components of allergy IgE antibodies, mast cells or basophils opens and empties the load. At this load, including histamines lethal chemical substance composed of grains. Stimulates the body's reactions to histamines. First, lung, stomach wall and can lead to contraction of smooth muscles in other places. Second, the blood vessels expand, thus causing the blood to flow more easily in the body. Finally, the immune system cells to specific chemical substances containing more than facilitate passage of fluid from the bloodstream. This chain of events in the inflammatory response is called an allergy.

The body to create inflammation, is an effective way to battle the malicious invaders. But harmless antigens and completely unnecessary side effects and other useless opening. Some of these side effects are runny nose, hives (urticaria) or not exceeding beyond the conditions that are bothering people, such as diarrhea. Others can be extremely dangerous. Asthma is usually caused by allergens. According to an assessment, 50 percent of adults with asthma, certain allergic sensitivities associated with asthma has more than 80 percent of children. For some people, pets or pollen allergy, such as skin rashes, hair-width to get through the respiratory system, lungs, air passages to narrow, mucus, and inflammation can cause cells to fill. This development is extremely difficult breathing. Felt a tightness in the chest with a great wheezing and coughing. Asthma attacks, minutes, hours, even days, and this may take a very scary disease for people who receive a state.

Anaphylaxis may be called the situation even worse. This condition usually starts with an immediate contact with the allergen and the allergic reaction, unlike most affects the whole body. Suddenly dökebilirsiniz hives. Throat may swell, turn off lungs and breathe air passages can become eligible to receive. Heart struggle, blood pressure may begin to fall. Done the necessary treatment of severe cases of anaphylaxis can be fatal.

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