Allergens and the Immune System

Takes on the biggest role in the immune system white blood cells. Giant macrophages in the body absorbing the attackers, the destruction of the enemy of the "killer" T cells, there are many types of white blood cells. White blood cells 24 hours a day viruses, bacteria and parasites, such as the so-called antigen particles in general focus on investigating and are not caught. All this may sound a little scary, but how it works in your body. It is important that you treat them more agile!

The type of white blood cells called lymphocytes, especially on we will. They are produced in the bone marrow and stored in specific parts of the body until it is need. Using a powerful computer is not easy to calculate the amount your body produces lymphocytes. body at the same time (two trillion) may be circulating lymphocytes.

There are two main types of lymphocytes: T cells and B cells. T cell antigens by destroying infected cells or to damage the body, problems with attacks against the front passes. B cells, indirectly, the business sees a little more. These lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, and cecum (appendix) are grouped together in other organs, such as immune related. Detected an antigen in the body, B cells produce special proteins called antibodies. These antibodies are connected to antigens. Once an antigen-antibody inserts the hook, the normal functions of the antigen can not do anymore. If an antigen virüsse, enter body cells lose their reproductive chances. If a bakteriyse, toxic (poisonous) yayamaz effects.

Antibodies are highly specialized structures, only respond to specific antigens. An influenza virus enters your body, it alone, "influenza antibodies," fights. Others will continue to look for specific antigens. Experiencing your body for each new antigen for antibodies to fight with him. Specific antibody once produced, the presence of the body for a long time, sometimes for life continues. For this reason, the immune system is said to be a memory. For example, the chickenpox virus kaptığınız when your body produces specific antibodies. You stay in your body for years after recovery in some of these antibodies. Receive the chickenpox virus again, wants to get past the break many years, your body is ready for this war does not repeat disease.

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