Allergic Reactions: Cough and Flu

Allergic Reactions: sneezing, cold and Others

Allergic Cough and Flu

Every moment, even when reading these lines, even bacteria, viruses and other harmful microscopic organisms are at attack. These are filtered into your skin to reach the aspirations of poor work. All they're looking for the nose, mouth, ears and even par-mağınızdaki to infiltrate a small cut as an appropriate hole.

Independence is the way to take a shower immediately think you are wrong. Your body's immune system to find the attackers during the day, caught with full force to disable a pure damage without knowing the opportunity to submit works. Occasionally a cold or flu virus may find an opportunity to show defensive wall exceeding the length of your body, the immune system, something not go seriously wrong, these attempts to invade most of the time stays under control.

Although the large errors, sometimes terrifying drops our body defense mechanisms. Do not ask then it struck him before the fight Kötülerle error. That such an error, leads to allergy. When a foreign protein into the body's immune system, it could declare all-out attack on the enemy when I moved, the results begin to show itself. Your nose runs, your eyes yaşarır, wheezy breathing begin. Sometimes ağrır bump. Very severe cases can come even if the situation can not breath.

The reason all this turmoil, a tiny, innocent sport in a mold or mites may not be anything else. Looking for a place to put the soft top of this particle flies through the air slowly. And then your body's killer immune cells attack through a full team. Major effort would be futile in such a big bill.

Allergic reactions that emerged in this section will explain exactly how the immune system will put a closer look revealed that the cost of the preparations. Indicate that the factors most likely to trigger allergies, skin allergies to tıkayanlara Affecting sinüslerinizi will discuss briefly the types.

In the next sections include ways to prevent allergies. Sneezing, nose and pull a can end, even if they are in progress for many years with the help of your doctor and be able to resolve allergy concerns. We will offer plenty of options you can try. These pillows or changing the electric vacuum cleaner, goes back to the complaints that could reduce the use of new allergy medication.

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