Disease Information on Bronchial Asthma

a) Bronchial asthma, bronchitis type of a manager? If not, what is?
b) Over-sensitivity reactions have nothing to do with this disease?
c) What are Suggestions?

Bronchial asthma, small-scale havayollannın, ie, bronchial obstruction caused by a sticky secretion and lungs filled with air, a lung pathology characterized by a state of difficulty atılmasındaki out.

There are two types according to the cause of asthma. One is called extrinsic allergic-type asthma, bronchial asthma, intrinsic asthma bronşialedir the other one. Allergic asthma is sensitive to the person such as mold, fungus, flowers in spring aylannda powders (pollens) or particles such as dust, such as the smoky air tesirlerle just suddenly encounters, so far an extreme shortness of breath may occur with normal subjects. The most exclusive way to treat people with this condition to be applied, these effects determine whether skin tests are sensitive in this item, addressing the person by giving increasing doses through the skin to eliminate the sensitivity.

Second queries, extreme sensitivity reactions (which may have allergic asthma, or other type of skin lesions, such as hives, urticaria, ie the language of medicine, etc.) may be blood tahlillerinde any pathology? you ask. Yes, what type of extreme sensitivity reactions in the blood, no matter the name we give briefly the IGE growth İmmunglobin E in question.

The third queries, asking the way to get rid of this disease fully. I guess you mean allergic asthma. As mentioned above, the main reason other immunotherapies for the treatment Desensibilizasyon Simply call, the person is sensitive to identify the factors, making the vaccine against these is to eliminate sensitivity. This is of course a long-term treatment, as well as the symptomatic treatment almost immediately, and breathing oxygen bleaches, sputum remover drugs and antibiotics, steroids are even resistant vak'alarda.

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