Skin allergies and skin irritation

Mentioned at the beginning of this section does not lead to allergies to most skin rashes. These irritants as allergens jargonundaki medicine instead, in other words, irritation or örseleyiciler destructors, ie değince skin redness, swelling, burning, blisters and triggering substances reveal other problems. Our full range of the debris indicates that a variety of ways responsible for the irritating effects of destructors. But in common, developing an allergic reaction due to the lack of debris behind the T cells.

"The role of irritant contact dermatitis is the emergence of the sensitivity of the process of winning. Ediciyle first contact with an irritant, to create problem-sufficient. But sometimes the low level of this contact, the symptoms may last for years without seeing.
Here is a list of some common substances are irritating to the skin:

Paints and alcohol, turpentine, such as solvents (solvents)
Lime (calcium oxide)
Some plastics and metals
Alkalis such as lye and bleach

Soaps can cause problems even. They are taking oil from the skin to dry out natural causes. Become prone to cracking from the skin is easily irritated. This situation prevents you from washing your hands frequently your child is not an excuse. Moisturizing hand creams and soaps at home, missing the contrary, for a good reason you do not.

In general, more prone to irritation of the skin is thin body regions. They face, eyelids, and sexual organs include the region.

In many cases, is easy to determine the cause of irritation. Sokarsanız using a thinner glove hand, will not be difficult to understand what caused the redness. But many things we touch every day, sometimes just saptayamayız reason. Allergic skin reactions are useful to keep a diary. If the problem persists, your doctor may want to determine the cause of the patch tests. As usual, the rashes, the only way in order not to trouble your head to avoid irritants.

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