Skin Allergies and Eczema Skin Disease

While the end of the section were divided into skin problems, allergies, in part, a part of the puzzle we look at the situation. Eczema is called atopic dermatitis, or just the name of this medicine. Eczema is usually self-red, scaly, brittle, itchy skin regions is obvious. This region is often the scalp, face, arms and legs, especially the elbow and dizlerdedir. Eczema occurs in one in ten children and infants, are often lost over time. 3 percent of adults are put eczema.

Cause of eczema not yet fully understood. But the doctors concluded that allergies are linked to a certain extent. Egzamalıların a part of the family up to 70 percent of asthma, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or has a history of eczema. In addition, most of the circulation of blood immunoglobulin E (IgE) level is high. Egzamalıların sooner or later one-third of hay fever or asthma develops.

There is currently no cure for eczema. But to prevent the emergence of many path can be mentioned.

Keep your skin cool

Short-term cold showers, drying of the skin. Does not bath more than once would be appropriate to the children three times a week. Because the excess water, blow dry the skin of children.

Yeğleyin soaps in the bathroom with moisturizing properties. Use soap only in the armpits and groin. Perfumed baby oil to your body after showering or apply a special bath oils. Perfumed bath oil, add a little water in the tub washing.
Wetness of your body to get the friction when the shower towel, use a soft touch.

Take care skin care

Use plenty of moisturizer. Face creams, hand creams, petroleum jelly, and even edible oil spreads, even on dry spots.
Water, water, water. In most cases, the problem that creates more humidity in the house. Humid environments facilitates the growth of mold, which can create serious problems in people with allergies. But if you have eczema at home, at least consider using a humidifier in your bedroom. Also on top of or near radiators, air nemlendirecektir put your wide-mouthed water containers. Moisturizes and protects skin moisture in the air.

Stay away from triggers

Many people, especially children with eczema due to some foods eaten flammable. Inappropriate food allergies also responsible for most of the food. These include egg whites, dairy products, fish and shellfish, baked goods and orange are. If you think you have created the food problem, do a little experiment. Nutrition logging what you eat by keeping a list of two-three weeks, please note that respond to what you remove and eczema. This method can identify the problem yourself. Do not get a result, seek medical attention. You doctor nutrition screening method is needed, keeping food at a time until the elimination of the problem will disable. The next section you will find more detailed information about food and allergies.

Burning large areas you off your body if you have eczema, using moisturisers containing colloidal oatmeal, do a warm bath. The smaller half-liter of cold water for the fields, melt a teaspoon of table salt and the juice of a little cotton emdirerek region crawl.

Dry skin, try kaşımamaya. Kaşımadan unable to come, then hold the area under cold running water. Also take advantage of itching to get the pieces of ice.

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  1. Skin diseases are like best friends...very hard to separate but as advised here it is true for any disease...there are initial signals after a food consumption of an external use of a product which need to be watched carefully.


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