Hidden Causes of Skin allergies

In many cases, the skin is easy to determine cause of problem. For example, those allergic to nickel, corresponding to the bottom of the wrist-full-time in-place is a circular rash. Thus, there is no room to doubt.

But allergies can develop anywhere and at any time shall be granted certain way. So far we've been talking about the most common allergens. Other substances that may cause skin reactions are as follows:

Medicines. These include antibiotic creams and ointments containing penicillin or sülfonamit, anesthetics (benzocaine), antihistamines, and antiseptics (hexachlorophene, thimerosal) is located.

Formaldehyde. This item is located in the composition of some home insulation materials. Used clothes wrinkle. This kind of clothes to wash several times before wearing the first time can be helpful.

Cosmetics. All cosmetic products as perfumes, hair dyes can cause allergic reactions. If you have skin allergies, hypoallergenic (less cause allergic reactions) products should be preferred.

Clean products. Soaps, detergents and other products commonly used usually contain allergenic substances.

Clothes. Some garments hidrokinonla processed. This item is usually all or some parts, such as swimwear and lingerie elastic is used clothing.

Workplace chemicals. These chromates (cement, electrolysis and tanning work, employees also intertwined with dyes), epoxy resins (plastics and building materials production workers), nickel salts (jewelers, cashiers), P-phenylenediamine (beauticians, mechanics) and many others are .

Leather can easily determine the source of allergy, try to keep a diary. Soap clothing, make-up materials from plants to track down anything touching your skin crawl. Each save the resulting litter. With a little luck can occur within a few weeks the problem.

A kind of problem persists, it is time to apply to the physician. After listening to the development of complaints over time, your doctor may reduce the possibilities. At this stage, maybe you apply a patch test. This is a small amount of allergen skin test, putting, is developing a tepkinim checked. This method is 100 percent reliable, though not usually help determine the problem. After determining the dentist allergen, the allergen is the theme of prevention, and what should be done about an unwanted touch will provide the necessary support.

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