Causes of Skin allergies

Just about anything touching the skin of a potential allergens. But some substances than others are likely to cause a reaction. Now let's see briefly the most common factors.


Research in the United States a few of the plant is an extremely high risk to cause skin allergies, ranging from three-quarters of the total population, with half of the show covers a part of.

Which opens the way allergy plant bloom, and the only advice given is simple: Stay away from them. In other words, rural areas, long pants, wear long-sleeved dresses. Plants are going to be cheek by jowl, use gloves. Wash your clothes outside when you're done. Allergy often leads to the plant oil resins, oils used to clear contaminated instruments.

When contact with the plant about a suspicious area immediately with soap and water wash. Better yet, use alcohol for cleaning. Despite everything, your skin is ready, the following measures to eliminate itching can:

Try lotions containing calamine. This pink and milky liquid, bubbles, drying, can help heal damaged skin. In addition, also is good for itching.

Symptoms are severe seek medical attention. Hidrokortizonlu drugs used in spreads, strong oral corticosteroids, and perhaps a drug may be required.

Bubbles on how much kaşınsa, your skin try yolmamaya. Allergic reaction to the explosion of them are released, but it can cause infection. Related to pad the area off at night, prevents accidental kaşınmanızı. If the bubbles burst, clean the wound with a sterile bandage Protect loose.

As mentioned at the beginning, the plants do not cause allergic reactions in the countryside alone. A large number of plant species, rare cases, oranges, celery and potatoes are widely consumed foods, such as skin allergy can not. This is the best measure to be taken against plants sakınmaktır again. Değdirmez-I'd be without skin, lives off.

Those seen in severe skin allergies, sensitive skin areas such as eyelids and lips of a suspicious plant touches the physician should apply immediately.


In some people, this metal, in the hours after contact with the skin can lead to regional red and scaly rash. Nickel today, zipper, button, watches, coins, pens, jewelry, such as the use of a very widely spread. Gold jewelry to give even the nickel-24 can participate in setting unless-hardness.

Metal touches the skin, especially drilled kulakmemesinde, under the clock, around the neck if you have a rash that may be sensitive to nickel. The best thing you can do, instead of your skin no değdirmemektir nickel. For this purpose, hypoallergenic, stainless steel and silver jewelry you may prefer. Some takılarınızdan do not want to give up, at least to drive them before you try talcum powder into your skin. Talk to keeping your skin dry, reduce the likelihood of developing a rash.

The rash occurs, the best treatment to the skin kortikosteroitlerdir driven.

Latex products

Much of this problem was unknown until the 1980s. But over time turned into a real problem. Latex gloves are used in many different areas as surgery, the food industry. Balloons, pack tires, shoe soles, condoms, and many other products contain latex. La-odd sensitivity to the community only 1 percent, while health officials dolayına this rate is 10 percent. La-odd other people with allergies seem to be at higher risk of sensitivity.

Latex is actually constitute only a part of the problem. Make it easier to remove the terms of wear, gloves coated with cornstarch or another material. Other latex products such as condoms can cause irritation may be coated with various products.

Leads to various reactions to latex. Some of them are not related to alerjiyle. If not allergic to latex, hand dry, crusted sores may develop. This is the most common problems related to latex. Allergic reactions to nickel allergy is similar to the regional second place.
The third form of response may be much more serious. In some cases, allergic reactions to latex can lead the whole body. This is a relatively minor ways, such as hives and swelling may occur in bulk. But asthma attacks and severe throat swelling or even himself, showing the form of cardiac complications such as anaphylaxis and other serious problems may develop more severe reactions. Anaphylaxis usually chest cavity during surgery, dental treatment, or irrigation during the dry mouth occurs when the theme of the anus, such as latex-sensitive regions. But in some cases, even breathing the dust of latex or latex-allergic reaction can trigger the touch. If you know that you are very sensitive to latex, as soon as you become aware of the symptoms should contact your physician.

Still avoiding the best remedy against latex allergy. But that may not be available at all times. And a skin rash occurred If değdinizse latex, used in forced exile and corticosteroids can relieve symptoms. Emitted from the body reactions, for example, asthma, sneezing or nasal discharge, your doctor may recommend that you use antihistamine receive bronchodilator or a blow. If you know that you are very sensitive, your dentist to prevent anaphylactic reactions to yourself an adrenaline injection kit for making portable can.

Photoallergic contact dermatitis

Allergic skin reactions often followed by a simple line: "false" value to something, at the price you pay. But sometimes it is not enough for an allergen-touch rash. Yaratabilmesi problem of allergic reaction, triggered depends on sunlight. This is called contact dermatitis photoallergic shave lotion, perfume, suntan oil, such as preservatives and drugs to the skin caused by the proposed special issue. Milk, mango, figs, and in rare cases sometimes can lead to similar reactions.

This is usually an allergic reaction to examine the test to apply the patch. Allergen patch after receipt, to the skin in a short period of time also ultraviolet (UV) radiation is given.
As always, photoallergic contact dermatitis followed the best way to avoiding the allergen. Do not use shaving losyonlarını causing fallout. Sakmamadığınız when the sun, a sun protection factor 30 or more milk with a high ultraviolet rays to come to your skin avoid driving. Directly leads to the issue of sun protection, use PABA-free products. PABA, sun protective products such as butter-milk allergy endir principal.

Contact urticaria

Skin allergies often cause an itchy rash and ill-looking. But hives can take place in contact with them are ürtikerinde. Paw paw skin is red. Size 1 cm of the spots varies from about 30 centimeters. The rash can pass in an hour, as it may take several days also. Hives are very common. Nearly one of every five people in a life time, hives dumps.

Hives, food allergy, especially shellfish, milk, shelled nuts, and foods such as eggs, pet hair-skin rash, causing dust and pollen. But the skin rash may develop at etmesiyle direct contact with allergens. In both cases the reaction is the same. Rash is thought to occur due to the release of histamine. This is often due to skin allergies and hives, T-cell responses to a distinctive feature.
The main allergens are ingredients that can cause hives, sunscreens, hair sprays, nickel, perfumes, birch wood, milk, menthol, nail polish and bazitrasin, neomycin, such as benzol peroxide drugs. Animal proteins, food proteins (flour, grains and spices hit), and workers in close contact with latex proteins is higher than the risk of developing allergic contact ürtikerlerinin.

Reaffirm, patch testing may reveal the cause of shed and sometimes hives. But the development of such a situation is a breakdown of things to remove before touching your skin, can help you find the reason. After you identify the problem your doctor, skin creams or oral antihistamines driven kortikosteroitli will treat hives. In severe cases, corticosteroids such as prednisone pills can also add your prescription.

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