How does Skin Allergies

Skin allergies often collectively known as contact dermatitis. As the name suggests, a foreign substance causing the reaction of the skin outer layer (epidermis) etmesiyle contact with all the trouble starts. All cases of contact dermatitis include allergic reaction. Cases, only one-tenth of the actual allergy. But similar to the symptoms of allergic and non-allergic contact dermatitlerinin sometimes due to give, this section will examine both cases.

Many have described the formation mechanism of allergic response in particular will remember. A harmless allergen, a protein that usually enters the body and the immune system encounters. Customized antibodies to detect these allergens catches. The immune system would be a dangerous illusion that allergen drops. Thus, mast cells and basophils provides a powerful chemical substances. Salman these substances destroys allergens and allergy symptoms occur during this process.

Skin allergy situation is somewhat different. Allergen activates immune cells called T lymphocytes in contact with the skin. This allows agents to lymphokine. Lymphokine of a type, sends a message to the cells known as macrophages. Macro-phage-allergens and allergen along with traces of body cells do not digest-swallow the giant eating machines. Sends signals to the stage to finish their work to prevent the withdrawal of some lenfokinler macrophages. Another related area of the adjacent tissues lenfokinler some extra fluid and stimulates the blood vessels to allow the passage of inflammatory cells. This effect is harmless antigens "infected" cells were found to be inflated body kills.

Keşmekeştir unpleasant conclusion. Skin allergies usually swelling, redness, sensitivity, and leads to rash. Fortunately, localized allergic reaction, allergen skin first sürtündüğü does not go beyond the region. This situation has spread to other allergy symptoms tiplerindekinden the whole body is very different.

The emergence of allergic reactions in the skin takes a certain time. Now being felt in a food allergy, allergies, some plant does not occur until 24-72 hours. Because T-cells take longer flashing gang status.

Skin allergies are often life-threatening nature. But depending on the severity of allergy, redness and extreme itching may take a few days. Macrophages eliminate dead cells, the skin heals and the event will atlatılmış.

There is a process of winning the so-called sensitivity of skin allergy. When you create a contact allergy rash does not occur the first time in the plant. Because the body never faced this allergen. T cells uninvited guest book author, but it does not attack with all his might. The next time you tap the same plant, may not be so lucky. One time, after winning the sensitivity, the T cells would respond strongly when you see each allergen. After the first contact with the allergen is usually up to full sensitivity to the winner it will take around a week. In some cases, the sensitivity of contact must have won a few. But once the process is completed, calamine lotion finally come!

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