Side Effects of Anesthesia and Anesthesia Errors

Errors and complications are often confused with each other, and is used in place of one another. A well mixed together side effects. Errors other, other side effects, complications than the other things. Integral part of every medical procedure complications, and an integral part of every drug treatment side effects. Complications and side effects are very important in the separation of errors. This distinction can be made ​​to occur in the unfair accusations and physician-patient relationship arises from a crisis of confidence. There are many examples of this, experienced by everyone.

Medical Errors and Anesthesia Risks

Failure to make an application or an application that is right the wrong as a result of patient harm or potentially harm the medical procedures. Errors may also occur, sometimes as a result of accidents. Accidents; normally expected, patients without deliberately making unnecessary or potentially harmful events. For example, a patient bed, attached to resist the flip side of his chest while turning the emergence of electro-coagulation instrument used in surgery, such as burning of the skin plate with the intent of non-accident situations are examples of accidents. Most of them occur as a result of carelessness.

Many studies have been done to prevent mistakes. Studies on the assumption that human beings can make mistakes all the time error, but "that minimizes the possibility of error, to destroy the possibility of errors in the system and maximize the functioning of the system model can be avoided by putting forward '," was called. Once in this view about the principles of medical diagnostic and treatment methods have been developed. These principles teferruatlıdır so that the first step to hospital until the moment of leaving all the work via its rules. Many control mechanisms within the system who drink their own. For example, the rules of registration system of patients with a name so karıştırılmalarını mistakes, to be operated on the left side instead of right side, made ​​of injection drug B instead of the principles of making the patient a drug prevented.

Reliable health care institutions and modern hospitals in our time, these principles are being applied in this way has been a significant reduction of the rate of medical error. In this book, almost all the international principles of anesthesia according to the mentioned website so far about what is about done.

Without treatment, the expected improvement in the patients and relatives of the patients or the way of things
gitmeyince was first enters into serious doubts about the wrong treatment. You can even charge him of saying. However, medicine, very strict measures taken to eliminate errors in their numerous control mechanisms have been developed. The information outlined here in the light of these measures and control mechanisms in malignant and benign and malignant and benign relatives without the knowledge of the existence of these mechanisms is already processing the probability of error in these conditions is explained in the most recent to be considered.

Side Effects

One treatment method or the main effects of drug use other than those caused by the objectives defined in the form of unwanted effects. For example, each capable of making drug allergy. Some drugs are dryness of the mouth, constipation, diarrhea, itching, makes some of the methods of treatment hiccups, hoarseness, they cause several side effects such as headaches.

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