Anesthesia Complications

A disease, caused by therapy or medicine or the likelihood of interference, but come out and çıkmayacağı unpredictable, making it difficult the treatment is defined as negative developments. For example, the most common complications include bleeding and infection after surgery. But after the operation not seen any. Nausea and vomiting after anesthesia, a frequent complication. However, after the anesthesia does not arise.

Complications of General Anesthesia

Side effects and complications seen in every patient every time and, therefore, often times when they appeared in the error is interpreted as "They gave me the wrong treatment made ​​the wrong medicine" by patients and their relatives as they cause false interpretations. These substances, called on the name of the drug with a variety of methods of treatment with or without the use of these substances are not completely harmless applications. They all more or less according to its own drawbacks.

Some of the more serious side effects and complications, some of them are seen as less serious. Serious or less serious based on the frequencies seen and identified as follows.

A side effect or complication
Once deemed a very serious 10 cases (CC)
1 time 100 cases deemed serious, (C)
1000 cases at a time, if deemed serious (AC)
10000 is seen 1 time rare cases (N)
Once deemed a very rare case 100000 (CN) is considered.
In this case, a very serious and severe side effects caused by anesthesia
Nausea and vomiting
Fatigue, tiredness Thumbnail
Dizziness, blurred vision
Back and low back pain
Parts of the needle pain
Bruised malaise
Less serious side effects, memory loss, vision and imagination,
Lung infection
Bladder-related issues
Muscle aches
Slow breathing
Tooth fracture, lip and tongue injuries
Structure becomes worse than the disease and medicine
Rare and very rare to come back to consciousness during anesthesia side effects
Eye damage (complications of spinal anesthesia)
Important drug allergies

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