Respiratory System Loss Effects of Alcohol

Respiratory System Effects of Alcohol Use, Alcohol Health Losses

Effects of lung

Alcohol can cause lung damage in three different ways. Disturbing the physical removal of the lung in lung cells, lung-cleaning cilia movement delay. Reduces the production of bacteria that protect the lung surfactant. Impairs the functions of macrophages in the lung cellular defense system has been undertaken.

Bacterial Pneumonia

The above-mentioned reasons, the defense system, but distorted, poor nutrition, attention to hygiene, use of alcohol because of the non-dependent lung iltahabı bacteria is common in alcoholics. Tuberculosis can coexist together in the same causes lead to alcoholism. With dependence (including drug addiction) of tuberculosis seen 28 times greater than the risk to society.

Aspiration pneumonia

Physical defenses of the lung have decreased in common with alcoholism kusmalarla stomach contents during vomiting leads to escape from the lungs. This is caused by chronic conditions such as acute lung iltahabına also develop lung abscesses.

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