Effects of Alcohol and Blood Diseases

Alcohol Consumption and Blood Disorders, Alcohol and Blood

Red Cell Disorders

Alcohol is used continuously for up to one week, the construction of red blood cells in the bone marrow tissues responsible for the changes in the production of white blood cells impairs yolaçarak. This type of cut alcohol disorder resolve rapidly.

Macrocytosis-is the most common disorder of red blood cells produced by alcohol. Makrositler larger than usual, can not show good function of red blood cells. Çıkabildikleri occur for other reasons, such as the more direct effect of alcohol depends on the emergence of alcoholism. Recovery after cessation of alcohol in two, take three months. Specific to the use of alcohol. Can be used to determine whether the person is using alcohol.

Eating disorders with folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron deficiency impairs the production of red blood cells and outgoing. Anemia in these cases will arise.

White Blood Cell Disorders

White blood cells form the body's defense system. Alcoholism, eating disorders and alcohol due to a direct effect of both the cellular and humoral defense systems are affected. This is a condition that increase the risk of infections and cancer.

Platelet Disorders

All blood cells, platelets responsible for clotting, such as negatively affected by the alcoholism. Decreased blood counts such as the functionality has been corrupted. Alcohol is lost, the numbers begin to increase rapidly and on as normal. This time we are born at risk of vascular occlusion.

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