Alcohol Use and Nervous System Disorders

Alcohol Related Detrians

Degenerative changes in the brain that occurs as a result of alcoholism. Alcohol-related dementia with brain imaging techniques (eg computed tomography) brain investigation determined the shell.

Memory disorders and learning together, naming and defining rights of the disorders that they can be determined. After long-term alcohol use, clinical findings Demensk not provide the level of the abilities mentioned often occurs in specific defects detected by tests. Although the detected brain imaging techniques developed Demensk alcoholic shell thinning is very common in alcoholics. Cognitive abilities, from 6 to 18 months after cessation of alcohol improves. Normal rotates the shell of the brain is controversial.

Wernicke - Korsakoff Syndrome

Frequently seen in alcoholics, B1 (thiamin) deficiency syndrome. Wernicke's syndrome, the acute period, Korsakoff psychosis refers to the continuity won.

VVernicke typically limited introspection, ataxia (gait imbalance) and the triad of confusion is evident. Eye symptoms kısıtlılığıyla introspection may be the restriction of eye movement to another. VVernicke Syndrome is an emergency condition, the delay should be given high doses of vitamin Bl. As a protective measure before the onset of alcoholism treatment in general would be appropriate to start with vitamin Bl, vitamin Bl, if they are inserted in serums containing sugar that rapidly consume VVernicke Syndrome facilitate logged.

Syndrome, Korsakoff Syndrome, but it rarely returns to normal within 48-72 hours in the form of resumes. Amnestic syndrome, also known as "alcohol-related Korsakoff Syndrome.


Alcohol consumption significantly increases the risk of stroke due to cerebral hemorrhage. This risk does not apply to alcoholism alone. Continued use of alcohol, even a very small risk of brain hemorrhage two-fold increase compared to the group of alcohol use. This is three times the risk of heavy drinkers.

Epileptic Seizures

Alcohol is a substance that suppresses the epelepsi attacks. Long-term alcohol use is stopped after the alcohol withdrawal syndrome with epileptic seizures may occur.


Peripheral nerves seen a progressive degeneration of nerve condition. Especially seen in the legs. First, sensory nerves are kept. Held in the region of pain, burning, tingling sensation will be. Then, by keeping the motor nerves in the muscles start to weight loss. Treatment of alcohol withdrawal is given along with vitamin B complex.

Cerebellar degeneration associated with the use of alcohol. With alcoholism are common. Clinical signs of imbalance. Direct effect of alcohol and eating disorders is thought to be connected.

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