Alcohol Consumption and Metabolic Disorders

Effect of alcohol feeding

A gram of alcohol contains 7 kilocalories of energy. This is not very useful for energy metabolism. Body energy in meeting the many necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins alcohol intake is neglected. With alcoholism, D-xylose, thiamine, A, D, B6, B12 vitamins and folic acid deficiency are seen. Folic acid deficiency the most common vitamin deficiency in alcoholics.

Alcohol-Related Hypoglycemia

Alcoholism and liver glycogen stores in the nutritionally depleted blood sugar due to the fall table. Situation is not very common but are of vital importance. Symptoms, palpitation, restlessness, flushing, shivering.

Alcoholic Ketoesidoz

Alcoholic ketoacidosis hypoglycemia, such as the invisible but vital condition. Usually without any break, which lasted a few days after alcohol intake occurs. Plenty of alcohol taken during the transformation of energy, the resulting accumulation of substances in front of a entity. Decrease in blood pressure, palpitation and sweating is the abdominal pain and vomiting. The progress to coma in a cable.


Antacid use, water and malnutrition due to a decline in the level of blood forfor.
The most common cause of hypophosphatemia Alcoholism. Muscle aches, erythrocytes dysfunction, heart attack, central nervous system disorders may occur due to severe hypophosphatemia.


Reveal the reasons for the decline in blood magnesium may result in hypophosphatemia. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome that arise during the vibrations increase and lead to seizures. Actually worsen the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome is caused by hypomagnesemia. Facilitates the emergence of withdrawal syndrome.

Effects of internal secretory glands

Pituitary System

Alcohol impairs testosterone secretion of pituitary system reduces the relative levels of örstrojen rises (in the meantime if you have chronic liver disease will increase even further levels of estrogen aksayacağından destruction) the balance of endocrine system in this manner will reduce the deterioration of sperm production in men, will result in loss of libido, testicular shrinkage and may lead to emptans. Depending on the level of estrogen in breast growth can be seen. May lead to menstrual irregularities and menstrual suppression.

Pituitary system, interruption of the use of alcohol, women and men along with a normalization of clinical signs regress.

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