Alcohol Effects on Pregnancy and Fetus

Effects of Alcohol Use in Pregnancy

Alcohol use in children of women who continued pregnancies, as fetal alcohol syndrome
can be seen in so-called disorders. Back to the nature of the development of a new, central nervous system
abnormalities, facial anomalies and features of the syndrome, cardiac anomalies. Alcohol directly affects the fetus is thought to cause this congenital disorder. Especially the first three months of pregnancy is very important in their use of alcohol will be highlighted.

Alcoholism, although it is within the designated boundaries of Psychiatry, and the process of formation of deep disagreements are about. Disease model of alcoholism that are based on theoretical approaches settles differences of opinion as causal factors in these differences emerge. Alcoholism and a description of the biochemical basis of behavior, scientists still standing on the other a group of biochemical approaches, such as the fact that one indication of the importance of developmental factors.

Psychiatric disorders defined in the other with this problem within the existing alcoholism, even in scientists still could not get rid on the moral judgments in full. Psychiatric disorder, alcoholism and many other theoretical approaches to this problem is resolved to protect within the current traces, more or less been effective in shaping theories.

Psychiatry, bağdaştıramadığı different theories of the formation mechanisms of this period, the second approach to define the plan form view by throwing disorders alone does not fit in many of the traditions of medical science of psychiatry at least, seems to be acquiring a practical operational process. Alcoholism also had their share from all other psychiatric disorders, such as descriptive approach, this approach has found a place in the self. The descriptive approach to alcoholism, at least for the last fifteen years away from that moral judgments are discussed. This is a significant achievement, particularly for alcoholism.

This acquisition has not been himself. Alcoholism in all other psychiatric disorders was initiated by the realization that something very special. People suffering from alcoholism come together to describe their disease and have begun to treat themselves. Alcoholism in psychiatry, has changed the fate of precisely this. In this way, the physicians felt obliged to review their judgments about alcoholism, and his gaze.

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