Brain aging and Alzheimer's Disease

Brain aging, brain aging and Alzheimer's Disease

Dow Unsal - Hello, Sir. Konumuz, brain diseases, old age, especially Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. You are a scientist gave yıllarınızı these two major brain disease. You are working at the Department of Neurology, Istanbul Faculty of TTP. Before the aging of the brain a little bit, "head" Let's go to the brain is developing, when and how?
Prof. Dr. Murat Emre - the embryo, begins to occur when the fetus in the womb ... A shapeless mass or not yet born, the brain actually worked as a mine. Inside there are billions of nerve cells. The brain develops in the womb, these cells multiplied, çoğaldıktan then went to places that should be, settled. Established some connections, but they are not fully functional yet. Such is not the baby is born to walk yet, can not speak, can not understand. All the mines there, but not yet in a raw way.

In other words, the brain development begins in the womb do?

- Yes, the arrival of the brain in the womb into a mine unworked. The embryo develops in the womb, the brain cells multiply divided, they find their place, relocating to places. Initially there is a migration process. Cells are migrating to places to go from where they were born. Migration of the womb complement it. All cells are replaced by domestic finds. Then you begin to establish connections. But as I said, this links to a very primitive level, yet, when we were born. For him, a baby can do very limited. Over the years these links to be established gradually begins. The establishment of the connections in the infant, child, children, adults are becoming. This process is quite slow functioning ... First, make the basic functions, to act, walk, talk, understanding ...

Structural sense, completes the maturation of the brain and down 17-18. In the brain, an insulating material called myelin have extensions of brain cells surrounding the substance of this. Extensions wrap around the nerve cells in the brain alert, Myeik just need to go somewhere, and provides fast to go. Myelin'leşme process is completed in the brain 18 years of age. So technically we can say is taking place 18 years down the brain reaches maturity. In this process, and after the experience, make the memories. There are approximately fifty billion cells in our brains. And this is five hundred and fifty billion cells, each connection is thought to be approximately binbin. Fifty thousand billion cells and multiply it by the link. Capacity of a system which is very high. These links thoughts and feelings going through our memories are starting to mature. Ultimately, we come into a person. So with the completion of our brain myelinleşmenin, 18-20 years of age when we as a structural reaching maturity. But I can say with a kind of black humor as an example of this process on the other hand, some brain cells during and after the dying. Bevindeki this "natural cell death," what we call apoptosis. Apopioz a programmed cell death in a sense because it is a direct intervention from the outside, the display is taking place without an agent. Each cell has a mechanism in geçirebilecek apoptoz'u action. Mechanism of action that occurs, the cell kills itself to spend certain conditions. Therefore, this "programmed cell death" call.

In other words, the cells are in a sense, committed suicide.

Literally so ... Within each cell have the password.
He is the genetic code within each cell and become useless when it comes to the simple statement "button closes the" cell. This. ongoing during the life of a certain degree, normally a slow process actually took place.

The correct functioning of this process?

Every time he committed the wrong thing already going wrong. Towards a system should handle this ... That is the place to be in the brain, so that should be cell loss is not wrong at all. However, with aging, as well as other organlarımızda an accelerated cell loss in the brain is thought to occur. Because what if you live long enough brain cells about the more exposed to external corrosive agents. Each of the cells and organs are constantly working on the other hand are like a factory, at işledikçe aşmıyorlar time. There are continuous functions of the cells to do. The plant should produce constant energy. Need to renew your old pieces. It is thanks to the genetic code. Will benefit the proteins are synthesized, are manufactured. They are goo yıpranınca demolished, is not renew. It always goes on for life.

The brain self-renew

In fact, this is the advantage of our brain? Other organlarımızda such consistently have a natural cell death. Is there a feature in the regeneration of these organs?

Other organs have also apoptosis. But now bölünmüyorlar brain cells after birth. The brain is an organ self-renewal. Leather is not it, when injured is able to replace. When the new cells can replace injured liver. Intestinal as well. But when the new one does not kaybedildikleri brain cells. In fact, according to a theory of brain cells still bölünmemesinin reason, keep the memories, because after the birth of the connections between cells is thought to constitute the basis for memory. If you no longer belong to the cell dividing yenilense will not be part of the network, connections disconnected. One possibility, the brain, for it yenilemiyor itself. Networks of all the functions of the brain cells connected to each other (network) and succeeds. If you divide that new-lenseydi bozulurdu networks. As a result of some diseases on the network, for example, the cells died off when the work is already going down. Replace injured or damaged brain cells can not resist the new. The brain is complex, as the secret here. Self-renewal capacity is not always eating a certain reserve. The reserve falls below a certain limit, then the malfunction occurs.

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