Cell loss in the brain of Alzheimer's Patients

So what causes brain cell loss suffered?

As I said before, a little like the continuous functioning of brain cells all other cells, processing to produce their own energy needs, the building blocks of their own needs, materials, a small factory to make proteins. This factory is processing thousands of hours throughout the process, gradually begins to accumulate in the aging ingredients. For example, aging of proteins should have been undertaken continuously collapsed again, some of them are starting to accumulate in the cell yıkılamadığından, the internal skeleton of the cell, affected by heavy traffic in the cell, is starting to suffer, cell wearing and tear over the years, depending on the cell loss occurs. Some people, more quickly, some people, this is a slower process. Here is the brain, most likely at the end of this process over the years, resulting in loss of cells and aging.

Our brain is aging. Other organs also getting old. Sir, have coding 'spread our heart, karaciğerimiz, yıpranmasaydı akciğerimiz very rapidly, but our brain is a very strange situation that took yaşlansaydı not?

Yaşlanıyorlar organs largely parallel to each other. Do you know how old the aging process actually starts? About 7 years old. Starting the first organ in aging is thought to be in the eye lens.

How do you think our brain an organ? Is still unsolved, our capacity to continue our lives with a very small part of ... Do not have a direction a little mysterious?

Brain so to speak, the king of all organs. Control of a complex organ of the body holds. In fact, our brains do not use a part of the idea of an assumption is not correct. Say such a thing, in other words how much we use our brains in order to know exactly how it works and for which the business should understand how much capacity is needed. But then you could in theory be able to tell the brain how much we use. The past, the prevailing opinion, "every region of the brain makes a single job", respectively. The current assumption is mainly made ​​according to the different areas of the brain have jobs. But other businesses in each region karışabiliyor. Most of the regions in relation to each other in a "neural network" (nerwork) to work within the framework of a single region, meaning a small region breakdowns taşımayabiliyor ... However, a neural network, each responsible for different functions that have certain key points. Let's say that a function of cells connected with each other for a hundred ten of them working together, but they come together and function is concentrated in the bridgehead area. They should always work properly. If an injury occurs, then it köprübaşında function ends. To summarize the current working theory of the brain, running parallel to each other, but in the form of interconnected neural networks formed. For each function of these networks have concentrated regions. Speaking region, for example, memory formation, such as visual detection zone. Viewed in this way against the old theory put forward to him joining the opposite can be said of the theory. The first theory is a very mechanical-looking teoriydi: "Every region of the brain has a single task", respectively. Discourse is put against him, "for each function of the brain all work together", respectively. Now we merged these two theories. Thus, both issues are insufficient to explain the theory was possible. Current theory has this to say: "Yes, brain cells are working together in the form of parallel networks. But certain brain regions are specialized for certain functions." Indeed, when we look at this aspect of the brain function of every cell in a manner we see that this or that.

From the beginning that such a well-organized network. This is getting old so why is perfect?

As I said capacity is too high, too wide, but still limited: about fifty billion cells born with, it no longer add up to a new one.

Everyone in the same way?

Up and down. When you look at the men, on average, slightly heavier than the weight of the brain in women, approximately 1300-1400 grams is about to be a little lighter.
Why is the brain of severe teacher of men? In terms of brain capacity is more clever than women?
No, I do not think that I am. The bodies of men, the muscular-skeletal system is also larger. Of course, the more cells are needed to run the muscular system, for which we need more brain tissue. In addition, the weight and do not have anything to do with the function directly. So people do not have a condition called severe brain work better. Because it is an important links to the cells. "Fifty thousand five hundred billion cells to cross," I said. Thing that distinguishes us as a people the fact that it links. It links to personal experiences, providing personal differences. When you look at the numerical majority of people are born with about the same number of cells. It should be about the same time in everyone's mental capacity, but it does not happen. Our experiences are different, different memories, different capabilities. Connections with each other, the difference in the cells and variety of their shapes our brains, personalizing. On the other hand unable to replace dying cells that are active in the body cells constantly wear different processes, so the brain's aging process and its consequences in different individuals in different ways at different times and in different sizes emerges.

Genetically, human beings a limited lifetime biçiyor

This is the fate of human beings we are? In a sense, our brain, "fatalistic" is an organ?
According to the current view of human genetic codes on the basis of capacity has reach the maximum of a life time. It is thought to be around one hundred and thirty years. Why do I say, according to the genetic capacity? As I said before, in a continuous renewal of cells, such a recirculation. This continuous "modification" when there is waste left over from repairs. Over time, these wastes of the cell "waste removal capacity of the" crossed, increasingly are beginning to accumulate within the cell. On the one hand instead of yıkılanların new materials, the building blocks of cells, proteins, for example, needs to be done. For this, I need to read about the genetics of passwords.

However, this genetic passwords aging begins at the time, because they have been subjected to constant internal and external harmful factors. For example, we've been exposed to radiation from the atmosphere. On the other hand, errors that occur when reading passwords. There. In fact the cell which in turn took precautions. Carrying the genetic code of DNA codes that call back into reading errors have specific genetic programs. However, they also begin to wear over time. In other words, the cell's genetic material is used for continuous wear over time he begins. Here is his capacity for the people of a certain genetic code and on this basis is thought to provide a limited life. Looking ahead to today is no longer very far from this limit, we do not. 20. I guess the beginning of the century the average life expectancy was around 35-40 years of age is almost 90 now approached, and the Nordic countries, especially Japan.

The average life expectancy in Turkey is currently around 68-70 years. The default maximum capacity of our codes can provide us with increasingly accurate genetic closer. After all, if such is defined fate, destiny has drawn a frame. Approaching its limit yet, but I can tell there yet.

Come to think of the brain bahsedince genetic passwords. Some people's brains faster or slower than some people's brains yaşlanıyorsa Is this the only genetic explanation?

One explanation is not genetic. There is a continuous interaction of genetic and environmental. Increasingly common sight, many of bodily disorders and diseases occur as a result of interaction of genetics with the environment. Kodlarımız us more prone to certain diseases or genetic make more resistant. Similarly, genetic forgot yaşlanmamızı provide faster or slower. The most extreme cases only diseases caused by genetic backgrounds, for example, genetic mutations (genes of the disorders), or simply as a result of diseases caused by environmental conditions (eg trauma). But the majority of diseases and normal human function, the genetic interaction with the environment is being born. Genetics gives us an infrastructure, providing certain predispositions or certain resistances. If environmental factors is poor, then people with genetic predisposition, for example, reveals much easier to cancer, but the same environmental factors that have the same effect in humans which makes no genetic resistance. Very simple, non-smoker lung cancer, not everyone. Or in one of two people who smoke two packs a day, but the other is developing lung cancer continues to live healthy. Why? Some people probably have a genetic predisposition to cancer. Environmental factors also got involved when the two come together. Depended on environmental factors such as diseases that appear, for example, infections, even in such a genetic-environmental interaction. Hundred of people browsing the same virus or bacteria does not make a part of creating a part of the disease, a very heavy part of the sick, some of the less sick.

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