What is Alzheimer's Disease

Long live the cost, is Alzheimer's

The average life expectancy is prolonged. You said the 90 countries of the North endured. On the other hand a deterioration in terms of environmental factors in question. 21. century, with the head of the environmental factors in the past century works against us. Maybe people are living longer lives, but the more good we?

This question, brain diseases of old age is a very good opportunity to switch. For example, 20 century, "Alzheimer's disease" was thought to be a very rare disease. Because the average life expectancy was around 40 years. The emergence of Alzheimer's disease, the average around 65 years. He could not see the age of 65 years for humans, the disease was not seen often. For the diseases of aging of the brain, in a sense, long live the toll of us could say a price. If you had died early, was not to be aware of diseases of the brain linked to old age.

So many brain diseases, no one in those years was not ...

Sure For example, 20 If we look at the beginning of the century, the majority of deaths was other reasons. For example, infant mortality during the first year of infection with a lot of deaths. Penicillin, after the discovery of other antibiotics prevent infection deaths has been switched to a large extent. Infant mortality is a direct indicator of the level of civilization is considered to be rapidly decreased. Why? Prenatal, birth order, and after the birth of the factors that cause infant mortality was well understood and measures taken. Thus, the natural aging process also opened the way organs have been seen more frequently in diseases that may arise as a result of natural aging. Increasingly linked to the increase in diseases caused by aging of the brain that lies below. The normal function of some organs such as brain cell can see what they need to think a certain number of cell loss as a result of the aging process, the remaining number of cells falls below the threshold value, and loss of function occurs.

The brain is "slowly" Is there such thing as death?

Go ahead The most classic example of the most frequently seen in "Alzheimer's disease" and other similar diseases. In these cases, brain cells gradually lost their function is now becoming not see. We are their "degenerative brain disease" or "cell loss caused by disease" call. These types of patients in the control of all functions of the brain slowly deteriorate. Of this process over the years, because the slow realization of the death of brain cells slowly.

Does the brain always or sometimes as a result of their disease by being exposed to influences from the outside is dying?

Rapidly as a result of damage to the brain is the most classic examples of external factors, infections, poisonings, trauma. For example, a portion of the brain as a result of çapma parçalanırsa crushed region of the brain that dies. "Big brain" that we call the brain hemispheres to us our feelings, our memories, our thoughts, to our identity. If a large brain severely damaged in these functions are eliminated. However, such an important organ the brain, although interesting, take heart or other organs of the body to work on their own do not need a large brain. Breathing, basic functions such as regulation of heart rate, brain hemispheres, and a more primitive level, running just below the "brain stem" is managed by. The brain stem is intact, even if the big brain damaged body work himself. Even such a man can live for many years. Among the people, "living on the machine known as" the majority of patients are like that. Gives breathing, heart beat, but it is not aware of anything, is in a sense, continuous sleep. Oksijensizliğe and about four-five minutes, or until the brain is based on anemia. If he is running again in four-five minutes in the heart blood pompalamazsa brain, brain cells begin to die, and ultimately brain death occurs. Jump to heart what so many brain cells die is executed.

Well, the brain is equal to the nervous system, the nervous system, a slightly wider concept. The brain, nervous system and organ-end, sitting on top of body. His brain stem and cerebellum are there under. Brain stem, spinal cord and continues, spinal cord, nerve roots coming out, the nerve branches of the nerve roots coming out and all the muscles, organs yayılıyorlar all. Brain, co-ordination, the highest organ of perception. In fact, a very simplistic task of the nervous system can be reduced. Nervous system, sensory organs, thanks to warnings from the outside, detects the information, data and information needs of the body through the measures being detected, he learned to date on the basis of experience and the needs and decisions whether the appropriate environmental conditions, ensure the application. So basically by doing what it is trying to serve? To survive! All living things do not change, the basic one has a goal, stay alive! Brain and nervous system to stay alive in the main organs and systems.

The nervous system allows us to stay alive

Would you open it a bit more?

The nervous system constantly detects all the alerts from the outside. Because these signals have two possible means: the award or danger. This five duyumuzla alerts, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting or touching perceive. I also have maybe the sixth, and he instincts. Brain, all of the possible dangers and warnings that might be useful perceives, assesses. On the one hand reaching through the messages and signals of the body measures the body's needs. For example, I see bread. This may be helpful for me to live. So, what do I need bread, but at that moment? It measures hunger is the brain. In other words, the outside perceptions of the brain on the one hand, on the one hand constantly scanning the inside of the body. If the answer is "Yes, I'm hungry, I need bread" means that the two basic elements come together: a possible award of a basic need to sustain life of the bread and hunger. Now the third element is now not considered. "Can I get that bread, it is my bread, I have a right to do?" There he experiences, pavement systems comes into play, says: "Yes, you can get this bread, but must pay the price, the money quote." That assessment is carried out within the framework of the brain until that day, and then the brain that stores information for the movement, preparing the answer. He says: "Go now to get your wallet Remove bread, give the money, take it and start to eat." For this purpose, the order also gives the muscles move.

There is no hierarchical order in which these organs? This hierarchical order structures in the brain, brain stem, cerebellum, spinal cord, nerve roots and sinirlen For example, organs, kollarımıza, bacaklarımıza told that emitted from the nerve endings. They are what they work? Perceive the sense of touch. Perceive the hardness of the table when I touch it with my fingertips. This signals the nerve roots of nerves, nerve roots of the spinal cord passes. Think of it as a highway spinal cord. The top-down and bottom-up to the warnings, signals passed a highway ... Signals are detected up, sent to the brain, the brain can detect them in preparing the necessary response. This response is being transmitted downwards, again passing the motorway reaches the muscles and internal organs. For example, I touched the surface is very hot, hot is detected, the signal went up, just answer came: "Take your hand from there!" And that allows me to take my hand, tried to muscles. In summary, we call the nervous system of the system, very organized, a system that works in a hierarchical order. Most top commander, brain, breathing in, take your heart like a simpler, more basic tasks facing the brainstem. He is under the highway, transportation systems, transport systems, so that down the order, bringing the roads up the information.

Have there been formatted brain transplant?

There was someone trying to make such an experiment in monkeys. As far as I know, humans never had such a venture. Did not give positive results in monkeys.

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