Heart and blood vessels of alcohol

Cardiovascular System Effects of Alcohol Use, Alcohol and Losses


Although we know that high blood pressure seen in a long-term use of alcohol for today explained the reason for this. In fact, a substance that reduces blood pressure long-term continuous use of alcohol is a continuous rise in blood pressure leading to large and small.
In addition, as a symptom of alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a sudden blood pressure elevations.


Which means the heart muscle unable to function due to alcoholism can be seen in cardiomyopathy. The reason is unknown, but may occur due to high blood pressure caused by alcohol.

Heart Rhythm Disorders

Alcohol use, during a sinus tachycardia caused by a direct effect and withdrawal syndrome are shown. This may not be the effect on the heart conduction system, heart rhythm is closely related with the change in blood potassium levels may be due to alcoholism.

Coronary Artery Disease

On a given dose of alcohol increases the risk of heart attack (45 per day. On the ethanol: a double raki). Under this dose reduces the risk of heart attack increases the risk of death but not reduced the risk of cancer and brain hemorrhage. Alcohol is not recommended to use such a purpose.

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