Alcohol Disorders Physical Losses

Bodily Alcohol Related Disorders, The Effects of Alcohol

Digestive system

Effects of Alcohol Cooking Borusu'na

Given the effects of alcohol alcohol before experiencing the esophagus. Dining with a pipe that separates the stomach muscles formed knuckle, stomach-acid secretion prevents irritation of the esophagus. Direct effect of alcohol that causes the muscles to stay loose. Thus, the lower portion of the gastric acid secretion continuously irritate the esophagus. This is the most common cause of stomach combustion of alcoholics.

Both the direct effect of alcohol as well as tahrişiyle stomach acid increases the risk of esophageal cancer. With alcohol use, smoking, the risk increases even more.

Alcoholics in the esophagus due to frequent vomiting 1 / 3 sub-section can be seen in sudden bleeding (Mallory-Weiss syndrome).


Superficial cells of the stomach protects the toxic effect of alcohol. Stomach bleeding is a common one-time alcohol intake, even after the surface can be seen. Long-term alcohol kullanımındaysa significant reduction in the secretion of gastric acid in the surface depletion and atrophic gastritis is seen almost half of alcoholics.

Thin Intestines

Thin bağarsaklarla problems, and nutrition bzukluklandır ongoing transmission. Osmotic pressure is increased while the content of nutrients Bağarsak transmission by accelerating the transition thin bağarsaktan See nutritional disorders. In particular, Bl, B12, folic acid and some of the fat absorption is impaired. Diarrhea for a week after the cessation of alcohol intake returns to normal.

Given that alcohol Pankreas'a Losses

30-60% of pancreatitis "in the use of alcohol dependent. Sudden onset of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and acute pancreas-titi suggest that a history of alcohol abuse. Pancreatitis due to alcohol poisoning is caused by the cells of the pancreas. Acute pancreatitis usually recover without any disorder. Chronic pancreatitis is more developed permanent destruction of pancreatic tissue with a high risk of developing diabetes.

Loss of alcohol Karaciğer'e

Alcohol most common cause of chronic liver diseases. Very common, especially due to alcoholism and cirrhosis, a fatal chronic liver disease.

Cirrhosis is not known exactly how yet to occur. Formation is thought to be connected to more than a few reasons. Direct influence of alcohol or the effect of acetaldehyde oxidation products of alcohol, the amount and duration of alcohol use, sex seems to be effective factors in the formation of cirrhosis (rarely seen in women than men).

Continuity with the first stage, the use of alcohol, liver steatosis is the winner. Enlarged liver, except that there is a clinical symptom. Protein in liver cells, liver amplifies the accumulation of oil and water. Blood, liver enzyme levels (indicators of liver damage), moderate elevations of blood tests can be determined. At this stage, alcohol consumption is cut back in disorder.

Destruction of liver cells of alcohol products, alcohol and exposure to persistent iltahabı liver (hepatitis) occurs. Vermeyebileceği Clinical symptoms such as a fever, pain, symptoms such as jaundice may. A significant deterioration in liver function tests are showing. Hepatitis, cirrhosis or death, or alcohol intake may cut as it could lead to progress.

Progressive tissue damage of liver cirrhosis. Collapsed liver tissue is replaced by connective tissue. Aksadığından clotting disorders, severe liver functions (blood clotting factor that many are made ​​in the liver), blood due to metabolic encephalopathy temizlenememesi residues (common functional disorder in the brain) may occur. Liver congestion, digestive system, venous network infects. Veins around the esophagus, stomach and severe enlargement (varicose veins) occurs. They can start bleeding suddenly abundant.

Cirrhosis is a progressive disease. Stopping or turning back is out of question for this day. Death, liver failure, or as one of the reasons listed above, secondary truth-shear.

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