Reasons for Non-Seasonal Allergies

Free flu puts you in trouble every year, only a few weeks, your condition is not so bad. Hapşırıklar while pulling the nose and, on pollen decreases, approaching the idea that salvation can support. Many people create problems in the airborne allergens throughout the year. Mates because it is not limited to developing processes alone. In some common substances can cause allergic reactions in another, and their presence is not missing at all. In this way, the language of medicine from the colds perennial (non-seasonal) allergic rhinitis is called.

Such a problem causes the most common hazardous materials include:
Dust. Working behind the library the last time you cleaned your room? Hiding in a corner of the house dust yumaklarının, they also lead to allergic reactions is likely to be full of dangers.

The biggest problem caused by mites in the powders. * Spider mites, and ticks uyuzböceği örümceğimsiler together to form a group. The sheets, sofa, teams, live in powder form and their residues. Under a microscope, humpback, saw tooth, eight-legged man he yutuverecek pills appear to be a monster.

Although some iğrendirici-literally-and let's explain what these animals. Dust mites, the body of humans and animals live throughout the day by eating pieces of flaky skin. This really is a useful task. Mites not until the skin batardık burnumuza. Some of these animals that cause allergies in people, not himself, waste. After throwing out the proteins in food digestion mites us, sometimes by the respiratory Please. L'i dust mites about the waste products of every 10 people who show sensitivity, approximately 80 percent of asthmatic children is affected by the same substances.

The average home contains millions of dust mites. Flows from the highest known density of 18,875 per gram of dust 'is. Each mite lives for about a month and a day of waste grain removes 10-20. People are sitting or lying everywhere, in bed, couch, carpet, car seat, and even clothing can be found mites.

Mold. There are probably mold in houses which have sheltered and warm locations. Akarlarında Dust does not cause allergic reactions as well as himself in the mold. The real problem of mold spores to reproduce. Salman spores occurred in the house uçuşur places. Ventilation holes, fans and vacuum cleaners on the mobility contributes to the leak. Sports breathing body we receive, through the classic allergy symptoms can lead to protection against the immune system.

Hair-skin. Döküntülerindeki skin allergy triggering proteins are common household pets. Despite widespread opinion that the way languages ​​are very clean, especially in the saliva of these animals, including cats can cause problems.

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