What is Hay Fever Symptoms Treatment

Especially affecting the eyes and nose of allergic asthma, bronchitis, colds and can also be found with. May be an inherited tendency to allergy, but a special form of the disease is not hereditary. Hay fever, is usually caused by plant pollens, certain times each year, also regarded as a common seasonal illness.

Hay Fever Symptoms: In general, the symptoms of colds factor gives the virus. Nose running. Watery nasal discharge at first, later dark and yellow in color. The nose can be added to the stream cough.

Hay Nezlesinin Treatment: If left untreated can cause asthma, bronchitis. Hay fever is required to eliminate the possibility, especially sinusitis. Efedrinli the early days of flu nasal drops should be avoided. After the conversion to sinus bo┼čalabilmesi efendrinli nose drops available to yellow stream. Generally, the active antihistamine drugs.

Prevention: In general, a precise method of protection was not yet. However, whether the cause of allergy is the elimination of positive results. Many times, due to allergy vaccines can be prepared after giving can go the way of protection. Ye─členmelidir a damp environment in cases of hay fever.

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