Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

Butt Seriously Allergies

Everyone knows there are at least a hard lad. This person is 39.5 degrees with fire get up and come to work. Anyone who has never claimed that aspirin is not used. And trying to stop disease-Tansa "course," says You left.

This kind of heroism can make a much more serious allergies. Seasonal allergic rhinitis, or to ignore the non-seasonal, may create additional problems more difficult to solve. If you want to see some of them together.

Sinus infections. More is known as sinusitis. Sinuses are cavities behind the nose. Nasal cavity and out of the nose as they contain the natural flow of mucus.

The mucus contains large amounts of bacteria. Sinuses are usually out of the body by throwing away the bacteria on mucus to protect themselves know. But the bacteria in your nose inflates sinuses remains closed, there is a severe infection can lead to multiply. The result is an acute sinus pain, headaches and breathing difficulties. Millions of people, weeks, months, or even chronic sinusitis is not treated, can persist for many years.

Sinusitis can have many causes. Colds and flu are often connected to the nasal tract to swell, creating a bottleneck in this situation reveals. But the main cause of seasonal, such as pollen, dust, depending on resources, such as non-seasonal allergic rinittir.

Sinusitis treatment a bit cumbersome. First, you need to use antibiotics. This treatment kills bacteria in your body. In addition, you must provide sinüslerinizin remain open. For this reason, the physician may want to use a decongestant. Prescription antihistamine or inhaled (respiratory taken) you can add in steroids. Last as well as obstruction in the nose to eliminate the underlying cause of infection is growing. This is why alerjiyse, you must learn ways to avoiding the allergen causing the reaction.

Nasal polyps

Nasal continuous swelling of the roads, the inner side of the nose called polyps can lead to the development of small and benign sacs. Polyps reaches a certain size, one or both sides of the nose hole, hard to breath. Approximately 30 percent of adults with allergic rhinitis, sooner or later develop polyps. They can not be treated with drugs, but surgical intervention to remove.

Ear infections

The majority of children with one or two ear infections may not cause long-term problem. Their long duration or frequent recurrence, the ear can cause permanent damage. Ear infections can be said to play an important role in the development of allergic rhinitis. The studies of children with chronic ear infections were found in 35 percent of allergic rhinitis as an important part. The relationship between the two is not very clear. Some experts, allergic reactions, nasal cavity connects ortakulağı tıkayabildiği eustachian tubes and created a favorable environment of the opinion that the development of infections inside.


There is a very strong link between asthma and allergic rhinitis. Approximately every 10 patients with asthma or hay fever 6'smda also seen in non-seasonal rhinitis. Asthma attacks often cause allergic reactions are triggered by allergies widths. Asthma is a serious condition. Finds the number of people it affects millions of people. Breathing during attacks extremely difficult. Asthma is in some cases even fatal. Therefore, people with allergic rhinitis and asthma allergens must sakınması much more carefully.

Social and psychological problems

Allergic rhinitis alone does not cause physical problems. Well-known experts in this situation allergy nervousness, shyness, and extreme sensitivity of the opinion can create additional problems such as sleep disturbance. Children may have an even bigger problem with the facade. Allergies are not under the control of many children's classes at school can not give attention to, is forced to participate in social activities. Cooling down the school, tantrums and other behavioral problems develop. Allergic rhinitis and the relationship between shyness and mental depression have been studied attention.

Polyp Problems

Over time can lead to nasal polyps, swelling of the nose constantly. This fluid-filled sacs, and respiratory sinus cavity and makes it difficult to hang. Especially in those with severe allergies, polyps, surgical intervention may be necessary to this problem.

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