Parkinson's Disease Parkinson's Syndrome

Parkinson's Disease, Parkinson's Syndrome

Sir, another important brain in Parkinson's disease. Familiar with the famous boxer Muhammad Ali with the disease. Many other famous caught the disease. Actor Michael J. Fox, Pope John Paul II. John Paul, even Adolf Hitler, the well-known Parkinson's disease. What is Parkinson's disease? Parkinson's disease, a brain disease, the brain's "neuro-degenerative," ie, selective cell loss and diseases that affect the movement of a number of diseases. All of this disease affected the brain. Especially in the initial stages of a very limited brain cell death in question. In this region, and in accordance with movements in a region which provides a streamlined way. When affected by the fluid movements, is not compatible, it becomes stiff. Force production in Parkinson's disease, the muscles do not have the power problem. The problem is the muscle force generated, the use of force. Patients with good watching them, they will say, "In fact, shes alright kuvvetimde.'s Stone sıksam çıkartabiliyorum water but to use my hand, I'm having trouble with the capability of hand."

Parkinson's name come from? What is Parkinson's

Parkinson's disease, 19 described by a British physician named James Parkinson in the early century. James Parkinson, an interesting human being. A very good observer. Both the doctor and naturalist, and politician. Even under a different name in a newspaper that writes political articles, against the monarchy. Dr. Parkinson's disease, a similar table of six or seven patients, a group of symptoms is lurking, and it appeared in an article in the medical publishing. He says, "These patients tremble, on the other hand have a problem with movement. To walk slower, smaller steps, their bodies bent forward to." Today we refer to as Parkinson's disease is described very clearly all the characteristics of the table. First described the symptoms of the disease in the medical literature referring to the human being in the name of this disease called Parkinson's disease.

So, earlier this disease is to observe, do not define anyone?

If we look back on, for example, from the medical notes in the 1500 niteleyebileceğimiz today as Parkinson's disease patients have recipes. Age is a disease occurring more and more people in previous centuries, life expectancy, probably because it is often not seen as little as 25-30 years.

In fact, not a coincidence, it is possible to identify patients who will not have olmasaymıs disease ...

Another great scientist has a good word. Pasteur says, - "Luck, trained heads but help." Chance to pass into the hands of many people, but the chance to use that only trained heads can create something from him. The masterminds of these people are good observers, to bring together the different findings in patients gözledikleri determinations in common, and so developers can describe a table that is coming.

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