Neurogenic tumors

Neurogenic tumors are usually localized to the mediastinum. The main neurogenic tumor is usually benign neurofibroma. Neurofibromas barbell shapes look like the "dumbbell tumor" is also known as. Erosion of vertebrae or intervertebral foramen enlargement do. Pressure caused by growing signs of an improvement as they are malignant or be removed by surgery. Diagnosis is confirmed by surgery many times.

Thyroid Tumors (Intrathoracic Goitre), Thyroid Tumor

Intrathoracic goitre is a common anterior mediastinal tumor. Three quarters of the cases the lower end of the mass of the thyroid or in front of the anterior mediastinum istmusundan developed tra-Keane goes down. These are generally nontoxic nodule-lerdir. There are some cases of thyrotoxicosis. Karsinoma'ya development is rare. Approximately one quarter of the cases developed posterior mediastinum behind the falls, and posterior mediastinal thyroid mass are localized.

In most cases no clinical signs of intrathoracic goitre. The main clinical symptoms of respiratory difficulties related to compression of the trachea, inspiratory and expiratory stridor'u, hoarseness and signs of thyrotoxicosis. Tracheal compression of the neck movements due to breathing difficulties increases. Recurrent laryngeal nerve is related to printing hoarseness; benign goitre adenomalarında also be monitored. Posterior mediastinal goitre in some cases of dysphagia and the "superior vena cava syndrome are symptoms. On physical examination, the patient yutkunduğu goitre'nın supresternal time out of the region can be palpated.

Radiological examination of the upper mediastinum in front of a flat or slice, around the well to a certain concentration is homogeneous. Calcification is common and is quite an important finding for diagnosis. Since the anterior meidasten goitre'ı trachea and pushes back. The posterior mediastinum in the trachea goitre'ı forward, backward and sideways pushes the esophagus.

Parathyroid Tumors

Rare tumors of the anterior mediastinum. Radiographs are usually not considered very small. In some cases, the parathyroid tumor of the mediastinum is seen as a mass of abnormal unilateral. In some cases, there are signs of local compression.

Paratirioid tumors clinical, radiological and laboratory findings are diagnostic. Most of these tumors are displaying activity in patients with anorexia, malaise, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and there are clinical signs such as decrease in muscle tone. Radiographic examination of the bones related to the changes seen in hyperparathyroidism. Laboratory examination of the hypercalcemia, hypophosphatemia, hypercalciuria, and there are signs of an increase in serum alkaline fosfatazında.

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