Acute mediastinitis is that the majority of cases of esophageal perforation. The main causes of esophageal foreign body perforation, cancer, endoscopy kompilkasyonu and vomiting. Mediastinitis in patients with acute retrosternal pain developed a sudden illness is spread lengthwise. Chills and fever rises. Symptoms of superior vena cava can be seen in print. Esophageal perforation with mediastinitis in cases of acute soft tissue of the neck so many times under the skin, emphysema (air) are available. Auscultation mediastinal emphysema in relation to the apex of the heart, "Hamman symptom" is heard. Hamman sign of a changing heart rate and to be heard çıtırtının. When the pericardium is heard in the air. Delayed treatment of acute mediastinitis esophagus, mediastinum, lung, or pleura may develop abscesses.

Radiography of cases of acute mediastinitis mediastinum, including the upper section of more homogeneous and the surrounding area is enlarged in a certain way. Mediastinitis related to puncture of the esophagus can be seen in the mediastinum and neck in the air. Yutunca radiopaque substance, or pleural space that the patient go periözofagus confirm the diagnosis.

Acute mediastinitis is treated with appropriate antibiotics and parenteral nutrition. The successful outcome of treatment is not received surgical intervention (especially surgical drainage) should be applied.
The main causes of chronic mediastinitisin tuberculosis, fungal infections, sarkoidosis, silicosis. Mediastinal fibrosis, chronic granulomatous disease and histopathologic changes of this kind do. Mediastinitisin Turkey is an important cause of chronic tuberculosis.
There is no clinical symptoms in most patients with chronic mediastinitis. In some cases, superior vena cava, esophagus, trachea and bronşa pressure symptoms rarely develop esophageal bronchial fistula. As a sign of superior vena cava pressure in patients with dizziness, headache, ringing in the ears, face, neck and arms are swollen. Collateral circulation increases, these symptoms are reduced. There is no fire or sübfebril nature.

A change in radiographic appearance of abnormal mediastinal shadows kuşkulanılır diagnosed with chronic mediastinitis. Computer tomography, scalene lymph node biopsy and tissue biopsy was performed, especially by means of mediastinoscopy confirmed the diagnosis. Histopathological and cultural examination of tissue biopsy is taken.

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