Lymphoma and lymphadenopathies

Middle mediastinum in approximately 90% of the malignant nature of the masses. This is a significant rate of malignant lymphoma is related developments. The second group of malignant lesions in the mediastinum, lung, gastrointestinal or kidney cancers originated. There is a close relationship with bronchopulmonary lenfadenopatilerinin mediastinal lymph flow. In other words, when the mediastinum adenopatisi growth observed in bronchopulmonary ganglia. Lymphadenopathy is usually unilateral primary lesion in the lung. Some primary lung cancer, especially small cell carcinoma of parenchymal lesions or mediastinal adenopathy but hard to overlook small enough to be seen or not seen.

The majority of patients with metastatic mediastinal adenopatisi retrosternal pain, fever, cough, and dyspnea are symptoms such as. More rapid progression of dyspnoea belirip a lymphatic spread widely in the lungs is indicated. Superior vena cava syndrome, hoarseness, phrenic nerve paralysis and Horner's syndrome monograph also common symptoms.

Tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, and sarkoidosis cause lymphadenopathy and madias-tinitise. These diseases are primarily and tracheo-bronchial adenopatilerini paratrakea form. Primarily unilateral granulomatous lymphadenopathy in the development of infectious origin. Sarkoidoz'da many times in the bilateral lymphadenopathy and simetrikdir. Another feature of sarcoidosis in the mediastinum adenopatilerinin is that almost every patient with bronchopulmonary adenopatilerin. Lymph nodes are usually seen in calcification is indicated that the nature of infectious etiology.


The incidence of mediastinal cysts are rare. Usually benign. The most common mediastinal bronchogenic cysts, and dermoid cysts. Bron-Kojen cysts of the upper mediastinum, in regions close to bif├╝rkasyona trachea, hilar, mediastinal, or any area adjacent to the esophagus are found. Most oval or yuvarlakd─▒r. Some cysts show an advanced level of the bronchi hidroaerik discharged. Subsidiary of the mediastinum in patients with bronchial infections and abscesses can occur. Mediastinal cysts are usually diagnostic radiographic examination.

Echinococcus cysts (hydatid cyst) may be localized to the mediastinum and bronchi are sometimes opened. Written in parasitic diseases of the lung hydatid cyst.

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