Moniliasis (candidiasis)

Factor of Candida albicans. Antibiotics, corticosteroids, and flow-lita disease increases the incidence of moniliasis. Respiratory system consists of two types of moniliasis.

1. Bronchial moniliasis
2. Pulmonary moniliasis.
The main symptom moniliasis'de persistent bronchial cough and boring. Chest radiography is usually normal.

Pulmonary moniliasis observed more frequently in patients with impaired general condition. The main symptoms of the disease, tachycardia, dyspnea, cough, sputum (sometimes bloody), chest pain. Chest radiography, especially in areas around the lower half of concentrations is not well pronounced. In some cases, skin lesions, combined with more intense and a great win.

Fungus isolated from sputum culture in Sabouraud Moniliasis Upon diagnosis is made.
Disease, predisposing factors must be eliminated before the treatment, for example, antibiotics and corticosteroids should be discontinued or inconvenience. Effective drug nistatin'dir. Amafoterisin alınır.Ancak better results with B, amphotericin B is used infrequently because of toxic complications.


Aktinomiçes'tir factor. A rare fungal disease. Dental, oral care is often better than those without, and farmers. Trend showing a sharp abseleşmeye lung pleura and the skin lesions began endürasyonla is fistülüze. Sübfebril fever, malaise, cough and purulent sputum are mild. Multip the disease progresses, abscesses consists of small, fire increases, anemia, fatigue and weight loss comes husule. Hemoptysis, pleurisy, mediastinal abscess may occur.

Disease sputum, or biopsy of the fistula is diagnosed by examining the material culture.

Penicillin treatment, 10 million a day, will continue for weeks. Sulfamit and iodine therapy can be effective. This is better than two drugs are used along with penicillin.

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