Cause of this disease is very rare in Turkey kapsulatumdur Histoplasma. Histoplasmosis often benign nature. Initial lesions similar to primary tuberculosis. Widespread round nodule in the lung lesions and two metastatic yoğunlaşmalara-s similar. The lesions healed after the corn looks like popcorn in the lungs is common husule calcifications. A small number of patients, histoplasmosis is a common and progressive and are rarely fatal shows going.

Diagnosis of sputum culture kapsulatumun appearance of histoplasmosis is provided. Histoplasmin positive skin reaction and complement fixation.

Amphotericin B treatment are common and progressive cases.


Asteroides'dir nokardia factor, such as acid-resistant tuberculosis bacilli and disease in clinical, radiographic signs similar to tuberculosis. Abscess and fistula to the skin and sometimes it will show the lesion abseleşme. In some cases husule brain abscess from brain tumors, tuberculoma or tuberculous meningitis is thought. Sulfamitlerdir the most effective drug treatment. Tetracycline is effective in some species.

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