Kakalak and Asthma

There are many people with asthma problems, leading to an allergen. We will talk about something a little disturbing: Kakalak, ie, a cockroach species, also known as kaloriferböceği.
New research kakalakların salivary secretions, dışkılarının and insoluble parts of the body may indicate the allergen. They contain proteins, allergic reactions and asthma attacks in people sensitive to these proteins can reveal. Arthropods in their home town in question is extremely common, especially considering the fact that the necessary measures can be useful.
Some experts say the increase in asthma cases kakalak allergens to be one of the most important reasons. Possibility of the development of asthma in children living in the suburbs, those living in cities than in more affluent parts of the high.
How this problem can be solved tasteless? Here are some suggestions:
Use pesticides. Away from home during the spraying people with asthma.
Keep the house closed a few hours after spraying. Then open the doors and windows, use fans to distribute the gases.
Pesticides do not solve the problem, these insects are the most under sink and refrigerator hidden behind places such as trap baits release.
Although covered in the refrigerator or store food in cupboards. Close the mouth tightly also the home of animal feed,
Crumb in the middle, now, water and other liquids do not leave the remaining wetness.
Stove, oven, counters and wall to clear in places like oils.
Keep off the mouth of rubbish.
Pain relievers aspirin and sensitivity to the same group is very common. It concluded that such drugs up to worsen the status of persons with asthma should provide the necessary information for their physicians.
All of this work to take control of possible factors may be a waste of time to waste. Results in some cases creates a great sadness. Hayvanından Fed had to leave home at much less than the number of asthma are not counted. But to reduce contact with the allergen, which you are performing the fight against asthma can provide a great advantage.

Alerjiyle all things not related to asthma triggers. Widespread use of many substances which cause allergies, even açmasa, can cause asthma attacks. Among these are the following:

Virus infections. Asthma triggers within you-is sometimes. For example, respiratory tract infections such as colds and flu can cause asthma attacks. The best remedy is to stay healthy. Stay away from those cold, away from germs by washing your hands frequently. If astımlıysanız, Get vaccinated against the flu each year.

Tobacco smoking. Cigarettes, cigars and pipe through the air and particles from entering the respiratory tract of people with asthma can cause attacks. Asthmatic people never smoke in the bedroom. More accurately, anywhere in the house away from cigarette smoke. One of the house smokes, cigarette outside tüttürmesini Provide (and also to direct him to quit smoking!). Non-smoking outdoor areas to avoid. Train, air and non-smoking sections of restaurants, sit down.

Wood and gas fumes. Heater keeps you warm, but it can be a nightmare for people with asthma. Do not use the exact leak could not be sobalarını wood. Fireplaces almost always danger. If you use gas stoves, chimneys should be connection. But the best electric heaters to replace them.

Sprays. Pressurized spray droplets emitted boxes to the environment, can irritate the lungs of people with asthma. Instead of a spray of this product, use the type of liquid or solid.

Strong odors. Evaporated until the heavy perfumes incelticilerine paint each material's response can trigger asthma. Do not let the smell spread all around you!

Acid reflux. Strong stomach acids to rise up the esophagus can cause asthma attacks were doctors. Trying to bring this the best way to eat and drink before going to bed at least three hours to complete chapters. 15-20 inches of lying to raise your head to return to where they came from the stomach acids can help. This type of drug used against gastric ekşimelerine. But I always like hatırlattığımız, complaints should consult your doctor before.

Cold and dry weather. Weather is a common trigger. If you are affected by air, more force, or before your body cold in the form of inhaled bronchodilator (bronchial extender) use. Close your mouth, nose and scarf. This simple precaution will help warm the air before you inhale.

Exercise. Excessive body movements can lead to asthma attacks. Such situations are known as exercise and asthma, asthma affects almost everyone can occur to some extent. Physical mobility problems can not be due to end. Many great athletes defeated asthma.

Some movements more than others can cause asthma attacks. This long-distance running and cycling are examples of strenuous pace. Walking, slow jogging (jogging), entertainment-oriented bike riding and swimming very appropriate exercises. Hot and humid environment, swimming pool makes an especially good option status. Exercise also can help remove mucus lungs to be done in a horizontal position.

Exercise affects many people with asthma should take medication before exercise. Chest to reduce jams, is also useful to pre-exercise warm-up movements. Doctors stress, stretch and sweat for about 30 minutes before the start of exercise movements done throwing, as well as the virus infection, elevated levels of pollen, suggest a very hot or cold weather, exercise yapılmamasını.

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