Asthma Drugs

Mild, intermittent asthma, those with drug use as needed. Others use drugs every day and sometimes several times a day. Asthma drug therapy is a process largely private. Two other symptoms of asthma under control to keep constant the different drugs, different dosage and frequency of use. Thus the "ideal" can not talk about a general treatment plan.

There are two main classes of asthma medications. One of them a speedy recovery, and the other provides long-term control. Fast healing drugs that are known as short-acting beta2-adrenergic agonists. These are usually used to help patients with asthma attack has just begun. Similarly show the effects of hormone, the body's own adrenaline, but touching the heart or blood pressure were prepared to relax the lungs. Tablets, injections, and as the most common types of inhalers are.
Here are three short-acting drug used in the inhaler (generic names):


This is due to the effects of drugs more quickly in emergency situations or when an asthma attack, "savior" is used as an inhaler. Usually begin to show the effects of 1-15 minutes and 4-6 hours a day may provide relief.

Adrenergic drugs most used type of inhaler, some people are given as pills. Pill form, especially in young children to use inhalers correctly, inhaled, or for some reason do not like is preferred in patients unresponsive to inhalers.
Inhaler is simple to use. Only the user need to pay attention during the several phases:

Standing drug use.
Shake the inhaler several times before use.
Inhaler, will remain above the tank to hold the mouth piece.
Mouth to mouth until two to three inches closer to open your mouth thoroughly.
After starting to breathe, let the bowl to stop the drug.
Open your mouth while your lungs breathing Keep up to full şişene.
At least 10 seconds without a breath hold.

Some people may need more than one dose. Your doctor will tell you that you should take the dose.
When using the inhaler for the first time, the experiment is useful to do. Thus, how to use inhaler during asthma attack is a real fear kapılmazsınız.
Inhaler drugs used are very safe, but can cause side effects in some people. Side effects that may arise between the nervous tension, headache, chills, nausea, palpitations, and be considered. When side effects occur consult your doctor. Of drugs or changing doses, usually eliminates these problems.
The best protection in preventing asthma attacks, long-acting drugs may provide time. There are several types of them.


and prevent asthma attacks, and the light flares can be used to appease. This drug is liquid, there are forms of tablets and capsules. Shows the inhaler according to the effect of a longer period of time, but it takes up to 24 hours provided improvement.

Theophylline can cause unwanted side effects. Their main abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, nervousness, loss of appetite and insomnia. Slow-release forms of theophylline, the dose levels to be more stable and sufficient to effect one or two times a day can be taken alone.

Occurring in the airways in the lungs of asthma is not limited sıkışmayla. Almost every time there is also inflammation. Therefore, the treatment of patients with asthma symptoms occurring anti-inflammatory drugs are often also used.

Cromolyn sodium

a very useful anti-inflammatory drug. The resulting release of histamine and other chemical substances in allergic response helps to avoid. This effect prevents swelling in the lungs of bronchial pathways. In addition, the respiratory tract due to exercise or cold air to breathe is also effective against jamming.

Cromolyn is used to stop asthma attacks. Because a period of up to one month until the full effect can be showed. The real benefit is prevention. Usually seen in frequent asthma attacks and is used in patients requiring long-term control. Due to the effects of treatment before the fast begins teofilinle and use of this drug, continued until the start to show the effect of kromolinin. Kromolinin is less than the possible side effects, such a transition is a decision made ​​on-site.

Cromolyn is a drug that is perfect for patients to take medication every day. But asthma attacks began durduramadığından, cromolyn, users often have to take other medicines also remains.

Cromolyn is usually taken four times a day. There are three ways to this. The first tool with a nebulizer. In this way very young children, people preferred the second method metered dose inhalers. In this way, drug taking is not up to the level of certainty provided by nebulizer every time. But the rules of use carefully matching a much more comfortable for the patient. Material to carry with you; doses already ölçülüdür. Taken in a dose inhaler two "equal pufuna. Cromolyn can be taken in powder form. Spinhaler Drug lungs is sent to a special instrument called. This technique can be quite etikili, but taking the dust with the drawbacks sometimes coughing.

To sum ​​up, do not cause serious side effects of cromolyn. Possible problems seen in only occasional wheezy breathing and remaining a bad taste in the mouth. Drink some water before and after taking the medicine, be able to resolve the issue of bad taste.

Cromolyn is a difficulty regarding the use of this drug works also not need to open the airways before. Cromolyn use in case of power remain in the respiratory tract usually inhalerle a puff.


cromolyn sodium is another drug that shows almost the same effect. There is also a serious side effect that many.
Long-acting beta2-agonists are among the options. Short-acting those differences, in the late hours of the night is that they help prevent asthma symptoms.


gidericilerdir the most powerful anti-inflammatory. These drugs reduce swelling and mucus production in the bronchioles, the body has a combination of different steroids used by developers.
Corticosteroids did not respond to other drugs could cure cases of severe asthma is of great importance. Adrenergic drugs or theophylline, if does not work, use of short-acting corticosteroid is usually solves the problem. If corticosteroids in some patients prospectively, this medication should be used only as a last resort.

Corticosteroid There are three types: liquid, tablet and inhaled. Oral types acts more slowly. Recovery After a while, but can be seen in more than six hours or more. But these are generally stronger than those of inhaled type. Therefore, the first choice in most cases, and only a little time passes for the emergence of the effect. Oral (by mouth) corticosteroid generic names prednisone, prednisolone and metilp-rednizondur. Inhaled steroids taken by mouth or inject it like to carry the side effects caused by steroids is a rule. Inhaled steroids are sold on the market following generic names:


Corticosteroids are usually used when other drugs fail. This problem is caused by drugs, especially oral types of side effects occurring. In this way, drug intake only lasts a few weeks, side effects are accepted at a limited level. Adverse effects in weight gain, increased appetite, stomach discomfort, and shall maintain the body fluid. Long-term use slowdown in growth, bone weakening, high blood pressure, cataracts, muscle weakness, swelling, acne, hair growth and thinning of the skin can lead to serious problems such as.
This is a list of eerie. But the risk of side effects in patients with uncontrolled asthma in another way, another option may not be entering.

But long-term treatment with oral steroids (1) başvurulduktan all other drug options, (2) of the problem result from allergies, if all possible efforts to prevent contact with allergens is displayed, and (3) to reduce the symptoms of asthma after experimenting girişilir immune therapy. Patients with sinus infections, infections of oral long-term steroid therapy should not be without. The disappearance of sinus infection because in many cases, improvement in asthma symptoms.

Women's A final note: Many asthma medications can be used safely during pregnancy. But I think to have children and especially pregnant women, the status of the report is very important for their physicians. The physician can make some of the drug or dose changes. Die in the treatment of allergy vaccines can take before becoming pregnant. But I wanted to have children or are pregnant after their stay at the start of this vaccination is not true.

Studies in asthmatic women who keep them under control-status-indicates whether your pregnancy is a risk of addition. Asthma is not under control in women not taking the risk of asthma attacks you have enough oxygen in the fetus in the womb, giving birth to underweight babies are more likely.

Sometimes, pregnancy, asthma worsens in later, but asthma is a problem most women do not live births. Although weaker than the lungs, Lamaze breathing during labor usually apply the method.

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