Immune Treatment of Asthma

Sometimes I have shown all the efforts to control asthma may be inadequate. Whether you do not have all the dust in the house, the right to exercise the right medicines and surgeons, even if you take the right doses, can develop asthma attacks. In such a situation, the physician may feel immune therapy. This method is suitable only for about 20 patients, l'ine, but it is extremely effective in yaradığında.

We settle for only a brief summary here. Immune therapy needles containing a small amount of allergen that cause allergies is based spaced done. Allergen, your body produces antibodies against each needle to accomplish this. These antibodies to allergens trigger an asthma attack catches. Over time, resistance against allergens. In other words, less than in the past will show an allergic reaction.

Immune therapy is a slow process is due to continue for months or years. Duration of uzasa so, sometimes not be available in a full success. Immune therapy gained only certainty asthma caused by an allergen, and this allergen after determining exactly what is started. In most cases the last option in the immune therapy. Best to leave you breathless every time something anyway, avoiding it is to keep asthma under control.

The fact is that immunity should not be seen as a method of treatment would create a miracle. Once it can be very expensive. Usually, a maintenance dose injections must be done many times throughout the year. Exercise asthma, infections, smoke, gas, result from cold air in case of problems, such as useless. Immune therapy başanya even arrive, however, use of asthma medicines and avoiding the allergen may be required.

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