Asthma and Breathing Disease

Asthma Breathing Disease Control

Take a deep breath. How do you feel your lungs? Very good? Okay? Have a mess?

These are considered as objective criteria. Asthma for a long time, even though the functional status of the lungs in different times is difficult to understand. This ambiguity creates a problem. Because the functional status of the lungs to prevent asthma attacks is very important to know exactly. Önleminizi appears on the horizon to get an asthma attack need a tool to give you accurate information. For many people, this tool akışölçeridir peak.

Thermometer attached to the tip of a wind instrument that çalgıya bearing a similar appearance, speed and power verebildiğinizi measures how much air in your lungs. A measurement will be based lungs are working well. Knowing this value, you can determine your lungs, even a little deterioration. Medication use such a development, alleviate, and perhaps your doctor to refer your exercise can be stimulating.
Your doctor will need for the use of a peak flowmeter, if you need to tell you exactly how to use. Nevertheless, using this tool, let us explain the method outlined.

First, the measurements without a problem, do the lungs. Follow the instruction manual for this peak akışölçerinin. Repeat the process three times and every time it reached record levels. Then they take the average. You get the number now use as a reference for future measurements. The reference value will vary from person to person. Therefore, there is no sense to do the comparison with others. Only the most how much air your lungs under normal conditions, this is a metric that shows verebildiğinizi.

After that, every day, including morning and evening, do the two different measurements. Measurements should be made ​​before taking asthma medication. Each time you repeat the measurement three times and use the best result. This value 100 is between 80-percent of reference means a green light burned out, the normal life resume. Means that from 50-80 percent of the hazard. The best form of your lungs is not running, you need to lower the tempo a bit. When asthma attacks, your physician wants to use a "savior" If you have an inhaler, it is time to use it. Leave a few minutes after using this medicine yourself comfortable, and then make a new measurement. Again when you reach the normal capacity of at least 80 percent of the normal life in you can continue where you left off.

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