Allergic Asthma Prevention

Source of the disease in some pet cat, in some camomile. For many people with asthma is difficult to say anything. Yes, there are allergens that can cause asthma attacks.

As mentioned earlier, asthma is usually associated alerjiyle. Therefore, some of the allergens causing hapşırığa stream or nose can trigger asthma attacks. The main sources started allergy are as follows:

House dust mites. No matter how much cleaner, hosted by flowing smoothly in your home can be said of millions of microscopic size. These pillows, furniture, beds, divans and clothing are on. The droppings are extremely high strength of a protein to trigger asthma.

Molds. The dark and damp places to live in mold. Bathroom, shower stalls, basements, leaf çürüntüleri, woodshed, and many other destinations are suitable to these conditions. Mold, thanks to reproduce by producing spores in the air uçuşmaya left. These spores cause allergic reactions, many people are taken by the respiratory route.

Pollens. Ayrıkotu, clover, herbs such as chamomile, sycamore, pine trees and various garden plants such as pollen can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Pets to the hair-skin rashes. Most people with animals, flaky skin and skin derivatives include proteins that trigger allergies and asthma.

Foods and drugs. In rare cases, proteins in food can trigger asthma attacks. Sometimes the problem may be a source of food preservatives known as sulfites. These materials are usually dried fruit, beer, wine, processed foods such as potatoes and shrimp participate.

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