Effects on Lung Disease in Asthma

Effects on Lung Disease in Asthma, Allergy Asthma

Asthma, a respiratory disease that affects the lungs. Chronic, ie, for a long time, sometimes it lasts a lifetime. Typically, that makes it difficult, sometimes very severe symptoms, causes you to breathe.

We need to start work in explaining asthma lungs. This is the oxygen in the blood stream from the air gives a great body. All cells in the body requires oxygen to live. Without it, the brain, heart, liver and other organs can not work.

Respiratory receive air through the nose and mouth entering the breathing tube. Divided into two takes its name from the lower end of trachea bronchus. Lobe bronchi of the lungs were divided into smaller branches, pieces of the so-called air-fed. Both lungs on the left, three right, five-lobed shape. These lobes, called bronchioles are covered with very thin borucuklarla. Each has air sacs called alveoli bronşiyolün end. Capillary blood vessels surrounded the alveoli. The task of fine blood vessels, taking oxygen into the bloodstream to pass through the sacs. Capillaries as a result of normal cell metabolism but also by taking carbon dioxide from the blood of waste products, air sacs passes. When you pass the path of carbon dioxide, oxygen, pale before the reverse direction by following the bronchioles, alveoli, bronchi, and from there comes out of the body through breathing tube.

Lungs master of affairs. Run to you, whether you escape into a deep sleep, breathing, give every minute of every day. Colds, allergies, respiratory tract infections such as asthma or a problem that prevents the flow of air until the lungs are not even aware varmayız movements.
As we said before, we do not know yet the cause of asthma. To our point, that some things from time to time tetiklediğidir asthma attacks. These triggers are dust, pollen, pet hair-skin rashes, air pollution, cigarette or wood smoke, odors, such as severe allergies or a cold weather include widths, and even the weather change. When an attack of asthma in the lungs of three events occurs:

1. Inflammation. Bronchiols swells towards the inside of the space. This also makes it difficult to exit the air entering the lungs.

2. Contraction. Contraction of the muscles surrounding the bronchioles, the air switch further narrows the channel.

3. Mucus production. Mucus slimy substance that helps to take the foreign particles pack up your lungs. A lot of cleaning liquid that is produced during asthma attacks. Air bearing gaps closed substantially mucus, making it difficult breathing well.

These developments will result in classic symptoms of asthma: wheezy breathing, air hunger, cough and chest tightness. Asthma attacks, medication use, depending on how you can take hours or even days.

Asthma usually begins in childhood, but it would also occur in adulthood. The incidence of asthma varies from country to country. For example, the proportion of children in the United States captured in this or that degree of asthma is around 7-10 per cent. This is the most common chronic disease among children, high rates of asthma status brings. Symptoms often lose their child grows, the severity and period of adolescence, with 50 per cent of cases are lost.

The available data suggest that the incidence of asthma. Asthma in 1980, when 7 million Americans, this number doubled in 1994. Some experts increasingly contaminated outdoor air and increased probability of encounter of the opinion that allergic triggers. But it is not yet sure no one else. Korkulandan real numbers could be even worse. Asthma is diagnosed in as little as statistics mislead and ultimately a chronic disease that are not adequately treated.

Asthma is a disease that can be treated at the same time significantly. However, is under control can be dangerous. The development of better drugs and more understanding of the mechanism of asthma, although serious problems created by the size of this disease. As an example, asthmatics in the United States refers to the hospital each year about 500 thousand times. The usual preoccupation with fewer number of days they had fallen state exceeds 100 million. In addition, each year over 5,000 people are dying asthma.

Anyone may develop asthma. But some people are at greater risk than others. This disease is a common condition associated with allergies. In other words, "atopic" individuals (dust, pollen, allergens, such as sports people predisposed to produce high amounts of antibody), asthma is more likely seen. Found a genetic link to asthma may from generation to generation. But you have allergies or asthma, in children does not mean that it captured. The situation is completely random, and no one can say anything definitive.

Allergies in children with asthma in adults can be said to play a significant role. But in this age is engaged in situations such as sinusitis and nasal polyps. In addition, some adults resulting from exposure to chemicals in the workplace "professional" is seen asthma. This type of asthma rates have reached as high as 50-10 percent of cases in the United States and some other countries such as Japan climbed higher values. Is not associated with allergies, occupational asthma during adulthood in this section, we will not further. But for the ones after that will guide anlatacaklarımız such a disease.

There are degrees of asthma. Some occasional, short-term in case of attacks, while others would not be missing very little. U.S. National Institutes of Health subsumed under the four stages of asthma patients.

1. Stage: Intermittent light. Most asthma is a type of light. Symptoms two weeks, two months, more than once seen at night. Asthma attacks (periods) or completely disappear between. Duration of attacks varies from several hours to several days and does not reduce to below 80 per cent of normal lung capacity. (Measurement of lung capacity, will discuss the topic soon.)

2. Stage: Light stubborn. Symptoms more than once will repeat twice a week, but never seen more than a day at a time. The incidence of symptoms at night twice a week is not more than once. The attacks are often severe bodily movements to limit the extent, but it does not reduce lung capacity is still down almost 80 percent of normal

3. Stage: Persistent Moderate. Symptoms are seen every day and night occurs more than once a week. Usually used to control asthma inhaler every day. Attacks can last for days per week and more than two expedition. Physical movements are restricted during attacks varies from 61-80 percent and lung capacity.

4. Stage: Severe Persistent. Symptoms are seen constantly throughout the day, often occurs at night and also frequently reiterates attacks. Bodily movements are limited. During attacks up 60 percent or less of normal lung capacity.

Which of these groups have entered a large extent depends on the treatment of asthma. For example, 1 those who do not need to use asthma medication every day phase. But 4 stage in order to keep asthma under control of those diseases may need to use high-dose corticosteroids.
Asthmatics should be under the supervision of the physician at every stage. The main objective as possible, the independence of the patient's protection, but there is a disease in front of your future on your own to overcome. Effective for the treatment of asthma, the physician must cooperate. What asthma triggers, symptoms, your doctor can find out how to track and when should you wish to help. Status to the physician to view the "peak flow" to keep a log will show how. And you will learn how to get one of the things is that when private saving drugs.

Only the physician's treatment advice and recommendations we will soon be seen as an integral element.

There are three basic ways of coping with asthma. First, it can work to prevent them by learning what causes asthma ataklarınıza. In many cases, simple lifestyle changes and better cleaning of your home or your life much easier for your child. Second, prevent asthma attacks and use of drugs to ward off occurs. Thirdly, the sensitivity of the well to decrease the body's immune to things that trigger asthma treatment can. This latter treatment, if not always, sometimes it is very useful. Many people take control of asthma because of lifestyle changes, eğileceğiz this issue before.

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