Insect Bite and Bee Stings

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, would intervene in the world of other living things. Honey bees flying through the countryside to collect all the nectar and pollen (pollen) and the same purpose, to carry your water on the oozing orange crawl.

But If you try to disrupt their nests, Mother Nature as a relic of worker bees in order of inserting needles a little şişlenebilirsiniz clubbing.

Such insect bites, and in most people annoying sometimes cause a problem with a lot of other painful swellings. Symptoms disappear after a while kaşındıktan swollen region. But more dangerous is considered substantial improvements can be seen in some people. Whether balance, whether wasp, wasp wants to get, including severe allergic reactions to bee stings can cause fatal anaphylaxis.

This section will focus primarily on insect stings how sakınabileceğimiz. Then, this kind of warning signs of an allergic reaction to assess, what to do now think things will indicate çığırından gone.

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