Bee Insect Allergies and crashed Cases Result

Ticks, fleas, lice, bedbug and mosquito blood-feeding insects such as the small, insidious creatures. They find the opportunity to work in your skin to suck blood. Injected into the bite or sting that capillaries in the anti-clotting agents (anticoagulants) makes the blood sucking process. Flying, step away from walking or jumping, a little itchy swelling usually leave behind.

This process may be irritating bite or sting, but it does not cause allergic reactions. Bee stings even more dangerous. This insidious attempt to insects at all. None of them wants nothing more than to live in his case. However, you create a situation threatening, enter their field of interest. You might consider their own part on a situation like this yaratmadığınızı, but an event in terms of the insects go. Mr. honeybee own işiyle busy, found their land alfalfa pollen to collect. And you have your lawn mower, insect spray or approaching the nest with a stick wracking.

Sokarlar you to make these insects to stay away uyansında. Sharp argue that small needles saplayarak habitats. At this point, the situation will immediately notice are intelligent, away from the nest. Otherwise, inserting numerous times to get the most painful lesson.
Bees are injecting poison into your skin. This poison will cause various reactions in most people. Before pity sticking around the place. Then it swells and reddens. The poison can cause itching. They sting only local reactions occurring in the immediate vicinity.

All these symptoms can be seen in your body when it comes to allergies. Bee sting your foot, even if your back dökebilirsiniz hives. Redness and swelling may develop in other parts of the body. In severe cases the symptoms of anaphylaxis occur:

Throat swelling, difficulty breathing, blood pressure decreased, nausea and other symptoms. Them selves to the whole body systemic (general or common) reactions is called.

Allergic reactions to insect stings occur nezlesindekine mechanism is very similar to straw. Specific antibodies (IgE, the immunoglobulin is made ​​from the E) identified by the immune system by capturing an allergen binds to mast cells or basophils. These cells, histamine and other toxic substances that destroy foreign substances releases. As a result of an allergic reaction occurs, ranging from hives to asthma. Something that creates the problem of bee venom is not direct, specific proteins in whole venom. Only a small footprint, insertion site of the poison itself, the body does not cause an allergic reaction to a spread.

As with many other problems, the emergence of an allergic response, allergen sensitivity is to win. Soluduğunda Human daisy pollen hay fever is not the first time. An allergic reaction to bee stings for the first time does not arise. Because before the immune system produce IgE antibodies against allergens. These antibodies are generated after the reaction that can lead to a contact allergen.

An distinctive feature bite hay fever, and the severity of the reaction path followed by allergen in the body. Remains around 1 percent risk of developing allergies to insect stings, the severe potential problems and perhaps even life-threatening dimensions. Anaphylaxis reaction in the body following the minutes begin to develop symptoms of bee bite. You or someone else sokmuşsa insect, you must be vigilant for signs of anaphylactic shock is extremely important.

Insect sting behind one of these symptoms occur seek medical attention immediately sprung to enter. Anaphylaxis is not an event to stay indifferent. Severe cases can lead to cardiac arrest and death. How to watch on the event can not be known in advance. Therefore, avoidance of work never take chances, you need to get emergency help immediately.

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