Insect Bite and Bee Stings allergy Protection Methods Against

Insects sokarlar you to defend themselves. Sıkıştırmazsanız them into a corner, usually do not create a problem. The best way of avoiding insect sting allergies, insects sakınmaktır. It is not difficult at all. Here's how:

Flowers such as giyinmeyin

Bees bright, vibrant colors of income. The coloration of nature "where there is pollen to say" format. Ride, while rural areas Hawaiian flowered shirt, yellow shorts and hiking shoes you do wear orange, is looking for trouble. The best selection of colors are faded and pale, brown or black. Bees very interested in dirty colors.

As Mis kokmayın

Parfümünüzü smelling your partner likes, tastes why bees? Insects instinctively they put a sweet smell to track down. Because the source of these odors are usually pollen. Ads on the way to a picnic or a lease, "a thousand flowers concise," he offered one of the perfumes you drive, be prepared to wear army royal hunt.
On the other hand, the bad smell does not provide protection from the piercing insects. Insect repellent products who want to suck your blood ısıncı useful against insects. Does not care for bad breath is uncomfortable moments.

Shoe Wear

A habit to walk around barefoot in the middle of summer. Indeed, the most direct way you sokturmanın an insect. Clover pastures, plants like clover flowers are extremely attractive balarılarına. These flowers close to the ground so that the top may not notice until you bee. If you have your shoes, woe the poor bees. If not, it means you are the pathetic person.

Do not Invite

Bees like perfume that smells like many foods. If you are eating dinner in the open area, keep food off the top as possible. This lemonade, sweetened drinks like soda are also included. Moments when they find the opportunity to enter this kind of work kaplanna drink. You know how much it hurts your neck that put you off a bee. I also think the inside of your mouth!

Do not Invite

Can invite to dinner plates in empty moments. Picnic table of when you're done, put into plastic bags and rubbish bins Check sealed.

None are not delay

Both the balance of beneficial insects and wasp. Tozlaşmasını flowers, gardens provide a clear unwanted pests. But it was meant to build their nests than relative, time is time for action. If you are allergic to insect venom, without a chance to work, it would be appropriate to destroy nests and colonies ilaçlayarak.

An slot away from your garden does not need to do anything more than a köşesindeyse. Hardly enough to keep out there. Piercing insects most annoying point is that the slot at stake.

Sensitivity resting spot

There is no cure for allergies associated sokmasıyla Bee. But a path to be followed, can greatly reduce the risk of re-development of the bee stings the body's response. Yes we are talking about the immune therapy. Immunity for the treatment of allergy specialist for weeks, months and perhaps years, will inject poison in your body in very small amounts. The process does not cause an allergic reaction, but otherwise the defense of himself against the poison of the body helps. In most cases, the immune system duyarsızlaşır against poison. So now is a sting in the bumps than in most people does not matter. All the same there is no poison, venom allergy doctor did you determine which tests apply. Wide range of injection to win all the immunity of different poisons may also be involved.

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