Bee stings and Therapy

What if you pay attention to it, a bee can burn you off one day. Picnic, while walking under the trees or sitting in the shade while relaxing in trouble a arıyla allowed. Bee stings do not panic. Symptoms wait. At least one insertion site you will see redness and swelling. This is very normal for the local response. Systemic, ie, a general response to Be on the lookout. If you see a rash is an allergic reaction to give away the location of insertion. You'll notice all sorts of signs of anaphylaxis may herald a dangerous situation.

Allergic reaction to a bee sting have isolated the most minor medical attention. Serious responses only in the throat or a rash may begin gıcıklanmayla. But all the severity of anaphylaxis can occur within minutes. How much less vurgulasak: allergic reactions to bee stings do not underestimate. Just try to get emergency aid.

I'd be without allergy-related symptoms showed previously bee stings, your doctor probably will want to bulundurmanızı a kit ready for you to make an emergency injection. Kit to stop the allergic reaction is a kind of fast-acting epinephrine (efinefrin) takes place. This drug büzer blood vessels, lungs, muscles relax, reduces swelling and stimulates the heart pulses. Efinefrin kit, you must move all the time. Because the incident appeared before the light, even though a similar and even more severe reaction to insect stings re-development is likely. Stock kit must auto-injector is easy to use. Dayar and you press the button just below the hip trainer. Can not be heard almost no pain during the procedure. Symptoms rapidly resolved after the drug is being injected. Remember, the emergency response to adrenaline medication. After the procedure the physician should go without losing any time.

The effect of the drug may begin to decline within about 20 minutes. Hazardous to symptoms in multiple bee stings, especially in case of a single-dose may be insufficient.

Soktuğunu you know what an insect and it is helpful to tell the physician. Do you put the balance of insect or wasp do? There are small differences between these poisons, and you alone, one can develop an allergic reaction. Notch tip of the needle away, leaving the skin balanced and also in the meantime because of damage to the die. Shank skin of the tip of the notch, hollow needle, connected to pin most of the time is still a remaining amount of venom sac may contain poison. Therefore, you must remove the needle without injecting poison in your body more. For this, the tip of a knife or a credit card inserted into a blind close to the ground and push the needle through the skin to remove the friction. Do not use tweezers. Because you make more venom into your skin can cause compression movement.

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