Treatment of Drug Allergies

Drug Allergies

Drugs are often allies in the war against diseases. Kırıklıktan to get rid of, pass the headaches, asthma attacks, and even the way alleviates the symptoms of hay cut nezlesinin.

But a moment comes across that are sewn, even the most useful drug. Mild side effects such as nausea and rash, up to a large number of serious complications such as high blood pressure can lead to unexpected problems. In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur. These are often mild. But developing severe allergic reactions to medication and in rare cases, you can go to the point of sometimes fatal anaphylaxis.

This section will describe how he started, drug allergies, with mild side effects explain the differences between the responses to be dangerous. Once you are allergic to a drug that also indicate on what to do. Already too much trouble you get into your head a few simple precautions can prevent in the future.

Drug Allergies

probability of developing adverse reactions to drugs are not rare. Like 30 percent of hospitalized patients is an important part of developing drugs against the unexpected or unwanted responses. Most of these responses are not related and as a side effect called alerjiyle. Drug reactions only a small portion (6 percent category, out of) the real allergy responses.

Most allergic reactions to this drug-drug immune system to produce antibodies against the error occurs as a result. Drug molecules that enter the body, made ​​from the E immunoglobulin antibodies binds them to the outer surface of mast cells or basophils. By releasing powerful chemicals such as histamine, mast cells and basophils, nasal flow, debris hives, wheezy breathing and nasal obstruction, resulting in the typical allergy symptoms of hay causes colds.

Hay fever is the difference between the drug response. Unlike pollen or fungal spores, drug molecules are usually small enough to çekemeyecek the attention of the immune system alone. They are a part of the body-probably-is connected to a blood cell is saptanamadan. But inside the body cells to participate in the work aside, antibodies to fight the same way again. Disappearance of symptoms with discontinuation of the drug, except there is usually a visible difference.

Drugs can also cause other allergic reactions. The reason for this is quite complex. While some of the immediate reactions to medication, other medication may stop signs until after 24-48 hours of receipt.

Years ago, a delayed allergic reaction called serum sickness rastlanırdı quite often. This vaccine has been found that most animal proteins. A week or longer when I moved out of the vaccine, the immune system to fight foreign proteins üretirdi antibodies. Aşıdaki antibody binding to proteins in a large number of them, lymph nodes, skin and joints sürüklerdi. Allergic reaction caused by inflammation, joint pain and swelling in the body would cause a general. Now, although the production of vaccines, often using animal outside resources, the development of disease in vaccinated humans, the serum is still seen from time to time.

All kinds of allergic reaction to medication and allergy to develop sensitivity to the winner. Therefore, for the emergence of the problem he should take the drug for at least two times. Former, the body produces antibodies to fight drugs. The second reaction occurs. Therefore, a drug used for the first time against the growing allergy reaction is not very likely, the side effect.

Each drug can lead to allergies. But some of this risk is higher. Allergy to penicillin and other antibiotics, leading to most drugs. This allergy drugs is estimated to reach a level as high as 10 percent. Sülfamitler responsible for allergies at the beginning of other drugs, barbiturates, anticonvulsants, local anesthetics and some of the insulin (insulin in particular types of animal origin) income.

Some people at increased risk for drug allergy. For example, drug response have been more typical in adults than children. Excess amounts of drug use awareness, much less than those using drugs occurs. Many of the sensitivity of drug allergies, drug used in the forms of forced exile has increased. This is perhaps being more sensitive skin, stomach and intestines, used in forced exile, perhaps a result of being more powerful than the types of drugs taken by mouth.

Allergic reactions to aspirin and other pain relievers, like them also leads to similar responses. Among these responses are non-allergy swelling and hives. Medications can trigger asthma attacks in aspirin group. 30 per cent of children with asthma as an important part (about the same as the rate among adults using steroids to treat asthma) seen this problem.

Combating Drug Alerjileriyle

Now you should be ready to ezberlediğiniz sentence: The best way to monitor sakınmaktır allergen. When it comes to drug allergies, the use of this phrase usually refers to a different drug. For example, if you are allergic to penicillin, your doctor will give you a different antibiotic, drug allergy cross reaction to an event called the issue a bit more complicated. Similarly, the chemical properties of drugs, medicines that cause allergies can lead to the same problems. This problem is particularly penicillins and cephalosporins. If you have a penicillin allergy, all penicillin allergy drugs that are exact.
When there is a reaction to medication use, allergies which lead to determine whether the drug is of great importance for both patients and physicians. In this context, a complete medical history must be obtained. The resulting response must fully explain: What types of symptoms develop? How much time they appeared and continued until when? Previously a special importance to remember is if you are using the same drug. Likely to develop allergic reactions to the first time you use the medicine is not acquired.

Some tests may be helpful. The most reliable method of subcutaneous test. In this test, an allergy specialist to observe the response, is injected under the skin a small amount of suspected drug alerjeninden. Within 15-20 minutes if you are allergic to mosquito bite is reminiscent of the swelling and itching occur. In particular, some medications such as antibiotics are used by applying to the skin patch test to help determine the allergy. But the results are not healthy, as well as other allergens. This problem is caused by the dimensions of drug molecules. Some drugs, the immune system of the body cells or proteins detected before it reaches the size you need unification. These drugs are harmless as long as body cells or proteins bağlanmadıkları. These processes evolved out of the patch or skin tests, the test can give false negative results. Allergy specialist can make some test to determine drug allergies, and some predictions can be found in the light of available information.

Another way to detect a direct test for drug allergy. Allergy specialist to observe the possible reactions, suspected allergy factor gives a very small dose. Test the application path as the original drug (by mouth, or driving a needle into the skin). The beginning of the test dose is very low. A typical dose is 1 / 100 'ü, or even 1 / 1000' I can. Varabilen twenty minutes to several hours after a short period of time, a little higher than the dose repeated in the same application. This process takes up on symptoms of allergic reaction. Sometimes the allergy drug allergy specialist to determine the time and worry about one day or longer. Prolongation of the period, in order to prevent a severe reaction caused by keeping doses low quantities.

Drug allergies after it was once the best thing to give up using that drug. But this is not always guaranteed. For example, patients with diabetes can 'ensüline bad reaction to medication for their. Mild cases, insulin or allergy medications such as antihistamines can be taken before using the other drugs. Thus, allergy symptoms abate or disappear entirely. The result can go to the path not taken desensitization. Allergens found in this process over a period of hours or a few days your body is given in small amounts. Thus, an allergen tolerance develops slowly.

Drug alerjileriyle'll see about the last point is particularly important. Drug allergies, anaphylaxis is one of the main reasons. Rare, but spread to the whole body response to this dangerous off the airways in the lungs, lowers blood pressure and lead to loss of consciousness.

Most people who are allergic to penicillin and similar drugs, anaphylactic reactions occur. Indeed, these drugs are responsible for 97 percent of deaths due to drug allergies. The best way was to perform needle of adrenaline in the treatment of anaphylaxis. Previously göstermişseniz anaphylaxis reaction, catches up with the emergency department physician in a syringe ready to give up to you to use. Alerjinizle to alert physicians about a document that will be helpful to have at your side. Thus, a physician does not know your story will implement an emergency medical treatments can be avoided serious problems that may arise.

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