Information for Taking the Certification Exam

The total number of searches

There are 175 questions on the test, but 25 of them are pilot questions
Man scores counted. There is no way to determine which of the 175
number of test questions, so it's best to consider each question carefully so that
If it is possible. This is a standard approach for authentication and new problems and ensuring they are reliable.

Total time

The deadline for the exam is 3.5 hours. If you want the candidates
20-minute practice exam is focused on the computer. E
Highly recommended for all applicants. Most people completed the review of approximately 2.5 hours, but ANCC giving 3.5 hours

Acquisition request
The qualification tests

For a certification exam, you must pay (see ANCC website
Details of costs), a copy of the current unrestricted RN license documents
implementation, with experience as full-time equivalent of two years RN
At least 2000 hours of clinical practice in gerontology in the last three
years, and an application form. You also need the documentation of 30
hours continuing education in gerontology specialties, which you received
In the last three years. If you're ever audited, it is advisable to upload
TA-file on your continuing education certificates. The program asks
Your description of the training and how suitable for your geriatric practice, where the name is not clear Gerontology.

Schedule of tests

The exam is administered by Thomson Prometric computer testing centers.
Selecting a location in the first set the date and time that the computer
Prometric testing site.

Testing Centers in each country and at different places in Canada
Puerto Rico and Guam. You can schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments at Prometric website. Hours for testing are usually 8:00-5:00 and the test center is open Monday to Friday. It is recommended to schedule a test appointment as soon as you have the best chance to ATT to the desired date and time benefits to be achieved. If you choose the date, time or place to stay in court, follow the instructions in the ANCC General Research and Renewal Handbook.

What to bring on the day of inspection

ATT U-form and two forms of identification that corresponds to spend
The arms trade. One form of ID, your photo and both forms are
need for a signature. The form must passports, photo driver's li-
perfume, or a government-issued photo ID. You will not be allowed without
necessary forms of identification. There may be something in the test
space. They will be provided with scratch paper and pencil alone. Will
Cabinet gives its value car keys and wallet to be stored.


Candidates have 15 minutes before the scheduled time arrives. Lack of
arrive early will cost appointment and ask to register again.

During the test

There are breaks for refreshments. Relax from the toilet
Guidelines for the testing center, but this time will be deducted from
their total time of 3.5 hours. You can not ask during the test.
When testing, you can not scratch paper Test

Receiving Tests

All test results are included in the e-mail about two weeks after
Conducting the test. The results will be in a standardized format, with the acceptance or rejection
name. Those who do not research, diagnosis, explanation
each of these content areas.

He received a certificate and pin
Those who do not receive a test certificate, pen and ID card
ANCC certification statement. This certificate is valid for 5 years.

Tips for the certification exam

There is no penalty for guessing, and recommends candidates
Answer every question.
* Test includes general and is often seen gerontological issues
rare and exotic diseases.
* Be familiar with common drugs used by older people.
* Discover the prevention of adverse events in elderly
and can be used to modify the Beers criteria.
* Must know the normal lab results for the disease
Older people often suffer from.

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