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I love Facebook, but only on days ending with the letter Y. In other days I hate him. Although there is no doubt that contact is not a big problem for our connection to our beloved children, there is still much work to do something else productive time to lose. For the year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dose sneaking food in the world of the Internet, and now we all depend. So what is there to love about Facebook? What is hate? I believe there are 21 different reasons for both parties.

. Or is it?

Why I love FacebookIt funny, I have a strange friends. These foreign friends often strange things on the internet, then post on Facebook. It is usually comment, videos and news. Now, thanks to my friends to share things, Facebook, laugh, laugh too.

This forces us to join Facebook, which allows us to keep in touch with each other in a broader and more relevant than ever. Orphans were looking for his biological parents, high school flames reunite for a night on the bachelor party in Las Vegas is back with a baby in her arms, and so on. But best of all, please keep in touch with friends from the recent past.

Invitations for the party: For students, this is really one of the most popular features on Facebook. With Facebook, it's incredibly easy to host a party and / or be invited to one. In less than one minute, you can invite friends to 800 pages. It also provides other information such as address, date, time, what, what is participation and clothes too.

Chat: I remember how easily AOL Instant Messenger is for my girls, questions in the fifth grade. Much has changed since my childhood, and I use Facebook chat girls to ask. It is a simple, fast and convenient way to talk with friends who happen to online time.

The creepy, I'm kidding, but not quite. Let me explain: Facebook is great for scoping the scene. " There is no such thing as a blind date, more than you can see pictures and learn of their interests, seniority, born, and even a favorite book in advance. He is also a good way for her birthday with friends in mind, or steal your costs without fallow.

Photos: That's my number one reason why I like Facebook. Many users of Facebook, uploading photos, how they work. A recent trip or travel in Europe, or best friend's wedding, gave one week and have pictures of. Only for "tag" your friends you pictures of a range of content, perspective and angles will start pouring in. This is the easiest way to obtain and publish photos online.

Business: The largest social network in the world, it's no surprise why Facebook is a good thing. To succeed in business today's economy, social networking is crucial. If you're a small business or try a new product to promote, Facebook is a great way to get out the word to develop a following, your customers connected and better your business.

Nostalgia: Facebook is an online library of photos and friends. Relive old memories and connect with old friends can bring some warm feeling.
Immigration status update, I'd much rather strange to hear an update, "no breath left in his car on the way to work and almost lost my breakfast, as a sad or mundane update what you eat for breakfast.
50 Funny Facebook status ideas must admit that my eternal shame, is actually from Facebook, just over five minutes trying to think of something witty to say ..... and then disappeared, turning ... Funny Facebook status updates (Rated R) to find something funny and Skerpene to post on Google's Facebook status update? Look no further! Growing list of their witty and sometimes coarse cites friends in approving nod of the head (or perhaps shake his head in disgust) on MySpace. Facebook and most people working in social networks have a profile on MySpace and Facebook. But even if both images, each user is almost always a preference for one object to another .... many reasons why Facebook, I love this center is only for people who enjoy, if you hate him, he says, please. Thank you. Facebook, I absolutely love, and is one of the best places to Twitter and MySpace. The mere mention of his ...

Why I hate facebook emotional Review Status: If your condition, I'd rather be a matter of fun, useful, or as already mentioned, despite the strange. If you're fishing for compliments and updated information on how I feel fat, go to the gym "or help for" Life sucks right now, you have to go somewhere else. You are a brave and life sucks.

It's addictive: nicotine, alcohol, heroin, Facebook ... same. If you feel stuck in a frozen lake contact without air supply can be enslaved. In one generation is characterized by short attention stretching, Mark Zuckerberg made a quick form of entertainment, where you and your friends about. Now, with features such as Facebook, can happen anywhere and to have fun.
It gives a false sense of community Robin Dunbar, professor of psychology at the University of Liverpool States' lack of social contacts, lack of sense of community, the most urgent social problem in the new millennium. "It is true, the world a better place with a strong sense of global community. Although one of the original goal, Mr. Zuckerberg of Facebook, would fail. Yes, Facebook is not the relations between the peoples of the world to create help, but it is much weaker than relations of good-ol-face communication.

Mom and Dad are on Facebook, the young, the last thing I want mom and dad know all complete with photos and comments to see to read. In the early years, Facebook is strictly for students. Today, a grandmother, log in and see what shenanigans her 16-year-old granddaughter to play. Oh Oh grandmother.

Align: This is ugly but unmistakable line between modern man. We continually assess, compare and analyze each other. Facebook provides a platform to make. Fighting for the 'hold' with Jones could harm their mental health and Facebook can easily facilitate the desire to do so. My only advice is be yourself and do your own thing. 100%

Waste of time. "Shit, just one hour on Facebook and I do not know how, but Mark Zuckerberg took a timewarp Facebook has the ability to hours of potentially productive suck these days without us even realizing it .. I think the time at home and online, and limited free time and freedom of our facilities has increased.

In Facebook users: you know who you are: overcrowded mini-feed comments, stupid cat videos, status updates the time on what you feel and further unnecessary Jabber. Have some respect. Do not.

Suggestions friend: This is a relatively new and very disturbing element. Facebook lets you send and offers suggestions for getting friends. Facebook also offers a tool that a list of people who think we have friends villages What are your computer to tell me, offers to be friends? This is tedious and annoying as it is physical, tangible that I can blame and / or said piss.

Loss of privacy, I know it's my fault. everything on the Internet, like Facebook, can be used by anyone in the world. It is strange to me. Moreover, people who have not seen for years many of you know that your last vacation, your friends, how many tattoos you have, your relationship status, work experience, education, history, etc.. To our lives and experience success is extinguished when the whole world on the Internet to know about them? It is real life? Where am I? Are you my daddy? Uhhhh ...
Groups, causes, fan sites: outside contact, so they do not matter. None. If you're the Facebook business, that nothing but sit in your chair and say that providing a click away. I will never cure cancer or save the seals on your laptop. In addition to the group "If one million people join that group, my first born son named Frankenstein's funny, I agree. But if I personally Frankenstein, his coach T-ball team and then for pizza, then I do not care. Give the poor boy Timmy as he grew blame his failure on the fact that his death was his parents' Frankenstein head.

Anonymous friend requests: I do not understand. It is not a random person on the street, never to me and asked me to his friend. Why then, it happens all the time on Facebook? If you are not your friends in real life, I did not want to be friends with you on the Internet.

New relationship status: This is a great step in the modern relationship. But today, when the DTR (define the relationship) can pass messages on Facebook. Be careful how you react. Susan January marital status. The relationship with Jason "Meanwhile, Jason is not aware that spring break in 2008, Downing and blue pill photos drunk girls on the floor Senor Frogs in Cabo San Lucas .. This is a great thing ... the relationship, but want Update Facebook, on the one hand it is a mistake if done without proper permits in January Susan marital status:. It is a complex with Jason.

Many reasons to hate Facebook, I absolutely fucking despise the whole idea of ​​existence is one that makes me sick to your stomach. The mere mention of his name from someone, anyone, first thing in the morning ... How do I reject a friend request on Facebook When research this part, I have absolutely no idea whether it is possible to apply for a friend on Facebook to get, you want to cancel. The good news is that you can, but thousands of people would think that you can not see ... Facebook shows the worst in people hello Facebook users worldwide. I would like to welcome to my heart and now I'm talking about your favorite someone a bit of a social network. First, I am ... Facebook addictionIt is somewhat ironic that when I finish this round probably post on my Facebook profile. It appears that social networks like Facebook and Twitter to us. Do not call us ...

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